Personal Essay Rough Draft

Personal Essay Rough Draft



People tend to learn from their role models and their personality. Personality is a major factor which is considered at this stage and this is very effective when youngsters are influenced by their parents. This is the motivation and inspiration which they get at this age to learn certain things and get appreciated in society. Learning is an ongoing process and so is influence power. This is a psychology, myth that personality is correlated with the behavior and values of a person (Farsides & Woodfield, 2003).

There are determinants of human behavior, which consist of intrinsic and extrinsic behavior. The extrinsic behavior consists of instructional environment and the intrinsic determinants are personality traits. These are often categorized as per the developmental stage. Children are taught to learn the early personality traits that influence them at very age. Earlier discussing about Barack Obama’s personality traits and the characteristics that he possesses. There is an inference at the early development stage that a child learns, child psychopathology is crucial and can be determined by his behavior. From a recent research it has been observed that a child is influenced by what he sees and what he observes. He is definitely influenced by the behaviors he chooses which will affect his life. This is a strong observational power and the personality trait that he observes. Likewise, many people are influenced by their role models and they get an inspiration to learn and apply in their lives. This is called a positive behavior of a personality influence power. A direct observation and the personality development approach are observed while a child is in early stage of psychological development and is motivated at this level. There are certain important influences on personality development such as social class, ordinal position, identification and parental socialization. These are most effectively considered while talking about personality influence at any stage. People tend to be influenced when the social class of an individual is much more effective and higher, an identification of a role model is considered while a person is influenced from his role model (Marks, 2000).

The personality of an individual help to influence behavior patterns as 44th President of the US Barack Obama has leadership skills, communication skills, decision making authority, respectful, etc. these are some of the skills and characteristics through which a person gets influenced and wants to achieve same path as he is well-known and famous all over the world.


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