Personal Narrative Speech Assignment

Personal Narrative Speech


For Speech

Time: 3-5 minutes


Delivery:Brief notes permitted (note cards)

Extemporaneous, i.e. conversational and natural… NO READING!!!

Purpose:To introduce yourself via a narrative of personal experience and identity


Speakers will base their first prepared speech on the outcome of the Storytelling Workshop Week One. How? Three easy steps…

Complete the worksheet to develop one identifying story from your past or present using the basic narrative structure: Exposition, Build, Climax, and Resolution.

Retell your story aloud for clarity and time.

Finally, frame your story with an elementary Introduction and Conclusion that reveals your purpose and main idea, that is, what your audience can learn about you as a person. Practice aloud your final version, and voila! A Personal Narrative Speech of Introduction!

Important Resources:

Chapter 9 , Beginning and Ending Your Speech (Lucas, 2006)

Appendix, Giving Your First Speech pp.73-83

Sample Speeches with Commentary (Student CD-ROM, Self-Introduction) These speeches have been organized more formally than yours. Keep in mind that you won’t need three main points for this speech, just one coherent story with a proper frame.

For Outline

All students will turn in a full sentence speech outline

Introduction, Body and Conclusion must be included and labeled. Students must also label AGD, and Central Idea.

Outlines are worth 25 points and due the day of your speech. No late outlines are accepted.