Poverty can be generally defined as the overall scarcity or lack of a particular amount of money or material possessions that one may need .There are about two methods which can be used to measure poverty. One is the supplemental poverty measure, which shows the general expenditure of people on food, utilities, shelter and clothing with fixing for the size of the family. The second one is the absolute standard where the cost is calculated as three times as it is bond to sustain a family nutritionally and it was then found out that they spend a third on their budget on food.

The view of the government towards poverty is that poverty is like a war and therefore it has made them to come up with programs and policies to help people do away with poverty. This has then been undertaken for fifty years down the line hence reducing the poverty level to a maximum of fifteen percent in a given generation. It has been noted that poverty is majorly caused by the daily needs of the people like housing hardships, medical access, food insecurity, and utility. However they have tried to come up with possible solutions for eradicating poverty for instance the antipoverty programs, aid to assist the families with dependency, it was then concluded that the committed researchers should use the right measures and approaches so as to reach the actual results required. This will then enable us to know the ones which are totally poor the ones who are better and such matters.

I think poverty has been a difficult agenda to deal with in the responsible has been of great threat to economy of different countries, despite of assistance programs like (SNAP).It is something which cannot be done away with completely because the needs of individuals are recurrent and are to be satisfied with limited resources hence making it a hard task. The needs can be said to be insatiable. The information about poverty greatly touches one’s life in one way or another. The sociological perspectives about poverty are also of a big influence because it leads us to know peoples attitude towards porverty.We should therefore work together to fight it


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