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To: Mark Livingstone, CEO, CYTONN & Associates

From: George Ricco, Director of Operations, CYTONN & Associates

Date: February 3, 2019

RE: The Secret to Increasing Output and Employee Self-confidence at the New York office


First, CYTONN endeavors to uphold a working environment that is effective and maintains professionalism. Therefore, in order for the company to realize this dream it requires its employees to keep up with neatness in their dressing. At the moment, we have a dress code that is strictly business attire and casual business attire is prohibited. People in New York city are a joyful, cool and outgoing community and moreover the city itself is among one of the beautiful location that people desire to live and work. One the objectives of our company is to draw people with gifts close to us; despite that, our company’s strict dress-code policy does not go in hand with the culture of the surrounding community thus not attracting the locals.

Few days ago, I carried out a visit at our offices in New York and the staff is amazing with full of energy and they are happy. In addition to that, the offices were very neat and each department was within their targets so far but there is room for improvement. I was also privileged to visit places within the city such as historical landmarks and I must say it’s a beautiful city no wonder lots of people desire to live here. If the culture of this city attracts people from all walks of life, then there is need for us to copy that culture in order to attract people with various gifts and keep them.

Making a few changes to the current dress-code policy does not mean that we get rid of the present since it is essential to maintain a professional look in our working environment and also towards the general public. However, changing the dress code to fit that of the locals would give the employees an opportunity to feel comfortable, boost their self-confidence; increases focus and in the long run increase productivity. Employees will also be in a position to refer others freely. I fully support the present dress code of CYTONN but would love to challenge the existing state of affairs in line with our goal of being creative.

I am officially requesting that CYTONN to consider revising its dress code policy from business attire to business casual putting into consideration our daily routine for example when we are out for fieldwork. Casual business wear entails a variety of appearances but it is simply clothing which is suitable for a professional working atmosphere. The formulation of the policy shall be carried out by the various local managers and each one of them would have a mandate to define a business casual wear for their locality. We will preserve our values and respond to the desires of the staff considering their position and locality such as New York City’s office which has been an example.

Thank you,

George Ricco

Director of Operations, CYTONN & Associates

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