PHL 1010 Assessment 5

Question 1


Ridicule occurs when:

    someone tries to cast suspicion on another by making fun of or embarrassing the person
    someone praises the accomplishments of another
    someone tries to encourage another person
    someone attempts to reinforce a point

8 points  

Question 2


Proof surrogates convey to an uncritical audience that:

    evidence to prove the point is forthcoming
    they are not scientifically proven.
    proof is necessary.
    the statement that follows it is commonly accepted and proven fact

8 points  

Question 3


A downplayer is a word inserted into a comment or statement that undermines what is being discussed.



8 points  

Question 4


A proof surrogate is the use of language that __________.

implies that there is proof for a claim that you are making without actually giving examples of the proof.

8 points  

Question 5


Hyperbole is __________.

gross overstatement in order to reinforce a point

8 points  

Question 6


Match the explanation with the appropriate Key Term.

Characteristics of the low-performing studentCharacteristics of the mixed-quality student Characteristics of the high-performing studentCharacteristics of the exemplary studentAssumptions of sciencePoint of view of historyPurpose of businessInferences of psychologyPurpose of philosophyInformation of sociology A.Living a reflective and rational lifeB.Raises important questions and uses language to reveal significant insightC.Limited and superficial knowledge of the course material that fails to comprehend basic principles and conceptsD.Demonstrates clear reasoning and problem solving, but only inconsistently. Often resort to simple memorization of course materialE.There are laws at work in the physical world that can be understood through systematic experimentation and observationF.Data about human groups, including the characteristics they share and do not shareG.Consistently demonstrates clear reasoning and problem solving but sometimes lacks significant insight. Shows a commitment to critical thinkingH.Judgements about the function or dysfunction of human behaviorI.Achieving maximum profit with minimal expenditureJ.Looking at the past as something that can be understood through study and interpretation from many perspectives

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