PHL 458 Week 4 Troubleshooting Creativity

Troubleshooting Creativity



Troubleshooting Creativity

Since the smartphone was present day smartphone was released ten years ago, by Apple in 2007. Smartphones and the world of technology in general have become a part of everyday life like eating, sleeping, and checking your Facebook page feed. Unfortunately, it is very common for them to malfunction as it still is basically a mini computer. Like computers they need to rest or a shut down period. I am guilty of this as well my smartphone has been on since day one but I do make a point to turn it off at least once a month. Going back to them malfunctioning, this can be a nightmare for someone who is addicted to them like the millennials or someone who relies on their phone to pay their bills or for business, school, or travel. The challenge comes when they do fail it creates more problems than they are worth if you’re not familiar with the function of them it could take hours even days to find out what is wrong with it. Sometimes it can be overheated, overloaded, and could delete your precious data before hundreds of dollars are spent to fix or correct the issues it is having so you can continue a part of your daily routine that has been thrown out of balance by the smartphone malfunctioning.

The best way for developing a strategy is to ask the five “W’s” “Who” “When” “Why” “What” “When” (Ruggiero, 2012) are the important questions to ask at this stage. For Example, why is it important for you to check your Facebook feed every five minutes? What will happen if you don’t check it? What sources do I have available to get my smartphone repaired? Most times the answer to a problem are obvious than what you might expect, just by keeping a calm posture will help you overcome a lack of ideas to find a solution with a positive outcome. Asking for help from all available resources allows for the problem to be solved in a much quicker manner than just by waiting for one and the proper solution to be found.

Solving the problem depend on what is wrong with the device for example, broken screen, overheated, bad battery, firmware failure, and so on. It can be easier to observe the problems that are going on to determine what could be causing the problem with the phone. By observing the speed of the phone or sluggishness I can best determine whether a phone may have to rebooted or reset or perhaps the malfunction can be eliminated by just restoring the phone. Having a plan of attack ahead of time prepares everyone involved for the different ways to turn to from fixing small malfunctions to big ones. Once the main malfunction presents itself then it can be studied and investigated so that it will not happen again or there can be a simple solution.

By investigating the problems, a person can obtain necessary information about the smartphone in use and that malfunctioned and then investigate how other people fixed the problem by doing research or asking questions to the right sources. By asking friends, family, or coworkers if they have experienced any recent malfunctions it can cut the resolution time dramatically. Being persistent in using all available resources immediately around can fix the problem in a shorter amount of time that was originally planned. Many smartphone services provide and the smartphone manufacture also have an IT (Information Technology) department or at a minimum a help desk that is readily available for customers once they purchase their smartphones. This can also be an immediate resource that is available with one phone call but there can be a long wait time and resolution time as well. Everyone knows that here in Hawaii the Apple store genius bar you rarely get an appointment the same day. Then consulting with an expert in the area of technology, specifically the phones brand, will ensure that a point of view from an expert is taken into consideration.


Ruggiero, V.R. (2012). The Art of Thinking: A Guide to Critical and Creative Thought (2006) Retrieved From: University of Phoenix Library

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