Plan for Completing the Dissertation

Plan for Completing the Dissertation





Plan for Completing the Dissertation

Dissertation is also called a thesis which is a document written and submitted in support of a candidates academic degree from the research. This document varies from county, university or any other institution which may be arranged either by publication or monograph (Katz, 2007). Different institution design their own way that the candidates should follow in preparation of dissertation. The structure of dissertation explains the purpose and the methods used for the specified project. The prepared dissertation should meet the universities standards and potentially published.

One should complete the coursework and take time to write a proposal. You should consult supervisors when carrying out your revision for the proposal. Apply an approval which can take six weeks even when the changes are not required. During the second year of the program you have engaged to, you are required to participate in candidacy. You should carry out a research and write the dissertation from your research and include the examination process. Give time for the professor to review and make correction. The final stage is revision and submission that if you submit before the deadline you are not supposed to pay additional fees (Hare, 2009).

In conclusion, those writing the dissertation are supposed to update the dissertation committee on the progress. The dissertators should inform the committee every semester to keep the progress. These updates are important as the committee provide when changes are needed or when an additional insight is desired by the dissertators. Timely notifications should be made in on order to assess the learners on their work. Every dissertator should give time to the committee to review and evaluate the dissertation after every step they make in the plan.


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