Plan for Dealing with Alleged ethnic Discrimination

Plan for Dealing with Alleged ethnic Discrimination





Plan for Dealing with Alleged ethnic Discrimination

All the people are equal despite of their disabilities and should be treated equally without discrimination. The people with disabilities should also be given equal opportunities and contribute to a wide variety of social and cultural activities (Salinas, 2000). They should be seen as the important people in the society and should also be provided with all the services including education services. The plan will therefore formulate ways through which equality will be exercised to all people. In addition, it will eliminate all the discrimination by accessing the direct disability discrimination and indirect discrimination through systematic organization and research.

An action for creating awareness to school and all institutions will be evaluated and implemented to educate the individual on the consequences and serious actions to be taken on any person who violates or exercises discrimination. The goal of my plan is to make sure that no one in the country exercises disability or ethnic discrimination. We are all one nation and we should preach unity and peace to all. United nation leads to development but the nation with discrimination remains stunted. Our communities are the areas which provide many individual with disabilities therefore they should be taken care of through education and giving them opportunity to exercise their talent (Salinas, 2000).

Every institution will be provided with a copy to preach equality for all and the commitment to practice the equality on the opportunities offered to every individual. Every person should enjoy the freedom of his or country because everyone has got the right. The plan also has requested for all the educational sectors and other institutions to make regular reforms so that they may include the needs of the alleged individuals. The education should provide an advantage to these individuals and provide a conducive environment for their success ((Schatzki, 2007).

There are also other institutions apart from the educational sectors which should offer support to the disabled which include cultural, political and economic sectors. Discrimination should be taken as an action which is unacceptable which only brings conflicts and separation. Development in a community will only come as a result of togetherness and the eliminations of the discrimination. Different measures and policies will be evaluated to keep high standards of unity not only in the community but to the country at large. Every individual should commit himself or herself in providing an environment which is discrimination free to create or build good future of our generations (Salinas, 2000).

In conclusion, the plan also includes the strategies through which the needs and demand of all people will be catered. They will also be addressed to create and promote an environment which provides free discrimination room for all individual. Respect is very important for all and should be kept and discrimination cases should be dealt with fully (Schatzki, 2007). There will be high supervision of any cause or any complain of harassment which the court will be included to give way and orders.


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