POL 215 Week 4 Local Government Issues Presentation

Local Government issues Presentation



Area of choice and demographicsLocal forms of governmentMajor elected officialsMajor public issuesHow issues are addressed 2 potential and realistic solutions to public policy issues

Houston AreaArea and demographic

Houston, Texas – Urban AreaLargest City in TexasPopulation estimated 2.19 million with subdivisions 6.19 millionMedian income for a household in the city is $45,728

Local Forms of government

Texas Enterprise FundSocial ServicesCountiesCities


State RevenuesSocial Security (FICA)Income taxesMedicareState taxes/ non tax sourcesVehicle salesHousing sales and rentalsFederal government transfers

MaJor Elected Officials

MayorSilvester TurnerElected Feb. 20, 2015Elected Ceo of city councilExecuted officerCity Council16 members of city councilSets policy, plans and approve budgetsAppoints officialsEstablishes departments

City Officials

Board of commission – Danielle BartzAgenda director – Marta CrinejoSpecial advisor to the mayor on transportation – Maureen crockerHouston emergency center director – David cutlerChief of staff – Marvalette hunterChief of police – Charles a. McClelland jr.

Major Public Issues

Unemployment (2017) – 4.9%Underemployment – 8.5%Health care issuesQuality public schoolsTax fairnesspoverty

How Issues are addressed

Census bureauNational government for homelessState and government resourcesBudgeting in school

Issue 1 addressed

PovertyHelp with state program veto homeless assistance ActEducate on resourcesEducating leaders and their community

Issue 2 addressed

SchoolHigher expectationsImprovement of schoolsSame level of atonomyGives same opportunity