Political Party Systems PowerPoint

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Political Parties, Political Participation, Campaigns and Elections Multimedia Presentation

POL/115 Professor:

The American Two-Party System Components Behind are the two gatherings emerged amid the confirmation of the Constitution, adding to “it’s generally been like this” attitude and the conviction that Americans by and large concede to key matters. Congressional structures as a rule have a head of state, regularly called the president. Yet they likewise have a leader of the administration, frequently called the executive or chancellor, who is the pioneer of one of the vast gatherings in the governing body. In Germany, the president’s obligations are generally stylized, and he or she is relied upon to work in a politically nonpartisan manner. In vote based systems like Germany with multiparty frameworks, in light of the fact that nobody party has a dominant part of the votes, coalition governments are fundamental. The multiparty structure supports the presence of minor gatherings by giving them motivating forces to drive forward and unbalanced force on the off chance that they will shape a legislature. In some multiparty parliamentary systems, parties run slates of candidates for legislative positions, and winners are determined by proportional representation, in which the parties receive a proportion of the legislators corresponding to their proportion of the vote. In our single-member district, winner-take-all system, only the candidate with the most votes in a district or state takes officeIn multiparty systems, parties at the extremes are likely to have more influence than in our two-party system, and in nations with a multiparty system, legislatures more accurately reflect the full range of the views of the electorate.In contrast, our two-party system tends to create centrist parties that appeal to moderate elements and suppress the views of extremists in the electorate.Multiparty parliamentary systems often make governments unstable as coalitions form and collapse.In contrast, two-party systems produce governments that tend to be stable and centrist, and as a result, policy changes occur incrementally.


Roles and Functions of Political Parties

Roles of Political parties

Nominate candidates



Inform Citizens

Linking Levels Of Government

ActAsA watch dog

Function of Political party

Recruit and nominate candidatesEducate the electorate about campaign issuesHelp candidates win electionsMonitoring actions of officeholders

How can one participate in the process?

-Political participation: All the activities used by citizens to influence the selection of political leaders or the policies they pursue

-Conventional participation:Voting in electionsWorking in campaigns or running for officeContacting elected officialsDonating money

Ways Citizens able to contribute in the Campaign and Election process.Using the internet.


Informal groups formed by members of Congress who share a common purpose of goalsCongressional Black CaucusWomen’s CaucusDemocratic or Republican Caucus

The role of Conventions

Convention ArrangementsThe convention system has been mainly built by the two major parties in American politics.Party national committees arrange the time and place for their party’s nominating convention.

The Appointment and Selection of DelegatesParties apportion the number of delegates each State will receive based on electoral votes and other factorsDelegates are selected through both presidential primaries and the caucus-convention process.

What is the Presidential Election Campaign?

The United States of American holds a presidential election every four years and includes both a primary season, and a general election. During the primary season, the two major political parties narrow the field of candidates through state votes to nominate the party’s candidate for the general election.

Important factors that influence the Election

Campaign strategyCampaign spendingMedia coverageCampaign advertisingPublic opinion pollsVoter turnoutCampaign issuesVoter attitudes towards government


They can reach endless voters with little effort via television, the internet and newspapersVoters can view content on their own timeReach voters that might normally be uninformedIncreased communication due to the increase in technology and social media use globally

How does money influence a political campaign??

Some of the things that influence a campaign by the use of money are:Interest GroupsLobbyingRevolving DoorPACsOrganizations527s


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