Pornography and Cybersex Presentation

Pornography and Cybersex

Grand Canyon University: PCN-530

Pornography and Cybersex

What is pornography Who is impacted by pornography and cybersexSocietal concerns: Pornography and cybersex addictionConcerns about violence towards women

Physiological Effects of Pornography on the Brain

Physiological effects on the brain:Limbic systemNeurotransmitters:Dopamine: promotes positive feelings and rewards for natural behaviors such as eating, sex, etc. (Negash, Sheppard, Lambert, & Fincham, 2016). DeltaFosB

Physiological Effects of Pornography on the Brain

Physiological effects on the brain continued: Reward Pathway:Dopamine is a major function in the functioning of the reward pathwayAssociates desirable feelings with chemical releasesIncreases the continuation of reward-seeking behaviorNatural addiction

Negative Consequences in Everday Life

Emotional and sexual quality or relationshipsWorkplaceFinancial consequencesNegative feelings about one’s body imageFamily disruptionBroken relationship

Negative Consequences During Counseling

Negative consequences may present themselves during couples or individual therapy.Some of the ways that the negative consequences may present themselves are through:Tension within the relationshipHiding the use of pornographyDepression


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