POS 221 Week 3 Individual Group Policy and Storage

Group Policy and Storage

Group Policy Storage

To ensure the protection of Wadley, Inc.’s files and folders take proper steps are necessary to take. To avoid potential security risk, Wadley Inc must be able to identify the security risks that will be faced on a regular basis. The Windows folder should only have special permissions to execute files within the folder and full access will only be given to Wadley’s administration group. The home folders will allow the account holders full access unless otherwise required. For later task or permission required full access will be reserved for administrators, not given prior to the Group Policy assigned.

Administrators face increasingly complex challenges in managing the IT infrastructure. You must deliver and maintain customized desktop configurations for more type of workers such as mobile users, information workers, or others assigned to strictly defined task such as data entry. Security settings and updates must be delivered efficiently to all the computers and devices in the organization. Group Policy management will reduce or replace cost for training of new users that need to be productive. In the event of computer breakdown or disaster, service must be restored with minimum of data loss and interruption. These task, known collectively as Change and Configuration Management, must be achieved at the lowest possible cost.

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