Powerpoint Presentation IDEO case

Organizational Culture and Design

Describe the organizational culture at IDEO

Be OptimisticCollaborateEmbrace AmbiguityLearn from FailuresMake others SuccessfulTake OwnershipTalk Less Do More

IDEO Techniques to embed organizational culture

What Make IDEO Creatively Competitive

Helping Other Organizations & Leaders



Grow & Evolve Through Values that Support Helping

Four Keys to Achieving Helping Behavior & Collaboration at IDEO

Leadership ConvictionThe Two Sides of the Helping CoinProcess & RolesSlack in the Organization

Organizational Structure of My Company

Recommendation – How to Implement the IDEO culture at My Company

Horizontal Design as the Organizational StructureImplement a Strong Mentoring CultureImplement a Strong Help CultureImplement An Attitude to Take Ownership

Mechanisms to employ should management decide to implement a culture change in line with the IDEO culture

Embrace IDEO culture from leadership to interns at the schoolEmbrace a culture of being helpful towards each otherEmbrace a culture of strong collaborative structure during planningEmbrace a culture of not fearing to ask for help


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