PRM300 Week 1: Project Selection Form

PRM300 – Week 1 – Project Selection Form Template

AutoTextList s NoStyle t “Enter the name of your project”Project Name Renovate unfinished garage into hobby/hangout room
Project Manager  
Problem Statement AutoTextList “Project Objective” s NoStyle t “Project objectives include the measurable success criteria of the project. Projects may have a wide variety of business, cost, schedule, technical, and quality objectives. Project objectives can also include cost, schedule, and quality targets.” Our home is on the smaller side, so space is limited. My husband has many hobbies, two being modeling and aquarium aqua scaping and fish breeding. We will be using our two-car garage as additional space to create a hobby/hangout room so that he has a space to work in and house his breeding tanks and modeling items and not have to worry about it filling up the inside of the house.
Project Charter Statement The purpose of this project is to turn our unfinished garage into a hobby/hangout room. We will need to work on electrical, insulation and drywall, secure the garage door, and furnish it with cabinets, shelving and furniture. This project will take 4-8 weeks and has a budget of $10,000.

Note: Once you have completed this form, take a screen shot, and embed it in the “Week 1 – Project Selection for Learning Activities” discussion thread.

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