Problem statement – Exposure to cancer by rubber and plastic industry workers

Exposure to cancer by rubber and plastic industry workers




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Problem statement

To what level are people working in plastic and rubber industry exposed to various types of cancer? What could be done too reduce this exposure?

Little attention has been paid to the great health risk that people working in rubber and plastic industries are exposed to on a daily basis due to the nature of their work. People working in the plastic and rubber industry are exposed to myriad toxic chemicals that threaten their very lives such chemicals include; vinyl chloride, styrene ,phthalates among others According Ji et al(2008) women working in the rubber industry have a double risk of contracting breast cancer compared to other women because of their exposure too synthetic textile fibres.

There are many industrial chemicals that are known to cause significant exposure to various types of cancers and other chronic illnesses. However, not much epidemiological research has been done in this area to ascertain the level although the products and byproducts of tire and non-tire rubber manufacturing contain hundreds of chemicals, only a small proportion of them are covered by applicable Federal occupational health standards”. (U.S. Department of Commerce 1991).


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