Procedural Email Message

Procedural Email Message Assignment

ENG 315 – Professional Communications

To: Human Resource Management Team

From: Chief Executive Officer

Subject: New procedure for recruitment in Megapole International LLC.

Greetings All,

Megapole International LLC has developed a robust and professional approach to recruitment and selection in order to attract and appoint individuals with the necessary skills and attributes to fulfill our aims and support our business goals.

All recruitment should be made based on the Principle of Merit and in compliance with the employment laws in force in the State. The recruitment should be done via the following methods: internal, external and employee referred.

I look forward to your cooperation for the implementation of those changes. Please reach out to me if there is any question or concern.

Best regards,

Emilienne Fiogbe, CEO

Attachment: Procedure for recruitment in Megapole International LLC

Procedure for recruiting in Megapole International LLC