Process Modeling Vs Configuration Management

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Process Modeling Vs Configuration Management

Process Modeling Vs Configuration Management

Process modeling is the analytical process involving the representation and demonstration of an organization’s business processes. Configuration management on the other hand refers to the unique identification, controlled storage, change of control, and status reporting of selected intermediate work products, product components, and products during the life of a system. In my opinion, process modeling is more widely incorporated and used in several situations.

For successful business running or for any organization to run smoothly, the process of process modeling should be incorporated in every managerial system It has several benefits which includes depicting the way organizations conducting of the present or future business processes. In a graphical manner, it tends to describe the activities, events and control flow logic that constitutes the entire business process. To begin which it provides strategic benefits, which include long range planning of activities, acquisition and product planning, and customer retention.

Next, there are organizational benefits, which include the processes of strategy execution, learning, cohesion and focus within the organization as a whole. It also has managerial benefits, which include improved decision-making processes and better decision-making skills. The fourth benefit is operational benefits. These lead to reduction of process costs, increase of process productivity, increase of process productivity and increase of product quality as well. This in turn leads to improved customer service and reduced process execution time (Cameron & Gani, 2011).

Finally, process modeling leads to I.T infrastructure benefits, which leads to reduction of the incurred I.T costs, reduced implementation time and improved efficacy of the organizational processes at large.

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