Project Oversight Paper

Project Oversight Paper




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Project Oversight Paper

Project oversight refers to a set of rules, processes and principles that are meant to guide and bring some improvement to the management of projects Gerard, 2013).

Project oversight has some impacts to the organization. It ensures that the organization meets some of the organizational procedures, needs for standards, also ensures that the allocation of resources has been done in the efficient and right manner. It also ensures that improvement in the management of projects has been done in a continuous manner. It also works towards supporting the project manager. Project oversight also leads the organization in selecting the project and also assists in management of the portfolio. It also ensures that it has improved the management of the projects as time goes on. It also elevates and assesses when the organization’s project management system reaches its maturity level.

It also ensures that it has used a very balanced scorecard approach so as to review the project’s progress towards the set priorities. It also make wise decisions on all the issues that the manager raises. It also tracks and helps the project in solving all the problems that it faces and also helping them on how to avoid problems that comes towards them. It also go through the status report that is usually given by the project manager and makes some auditions. It also ensures the cancellation of the project if it fails to work.

The oversight plays a very important role to the manager. It usually provide help and also support to project manager when need be. It also evaluate and determines the environment in which the manager of the project will carry out the implementation of the project, and also influences all the performance measures that counts the manager as responsible and accountable incase anything happens to the project (Harvey, 2005). It also provide an oversight group where the manager should report the progress of the project.

The project oversight has a lot of importance when it comes to the future of project management, whereby it works towards ensuring that it has instituted some forces of change such as increasing discipline in the way the projects are managed. For future to be achieved, it ensures that the competition is at global level and also innovation and invention. It also ensures that the project’s focus has shifted from tactical up to strategic level.


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