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Project Scope and Product Scope Description

Team A intends to open a coffee shop in a Midwestern town that currently doesn’t have one for coffee lovers and consumers. But the plans and goals of Team A are not limited to coffee but the plan is create an environment for fun, intimacy, friendship and relaxing for the customer that is why the project is given the name coffee and beyond. The strategic goals of Coffee and beyond is that once the project has picked up it can grow into a regional chain of coffee shops, expanding into other towns in the Midwestern region and beyond, with the ultimate goal of becoming a national franchise.

Being a coffee shop our main product will be coffee. We intend to give our customers an abundance of choices to make of finely roasted and brewed coffee. We intend to provide some of the finely prepared coffee in various types such as Espresso, cappuccino and Americano among others. We intend to make coffee and beyond the place to be for java junkies and anyone else who might want some good time. The menu will have lots of other foods to offer, for instance besides coffee, one can have a proper breakfast or lunch at shortest time possible of ordering. The after sales service include free and fast Wi-Fi for customers who might wish to use our café for personal activities or finish up a school assignment . We also intend to have weekly music and poetry slams at our café this we believe will give our clients value for their money while at same time giving a platform to young people in the town to express and grow their talents. Social place such as coffee shops can enhance people’s lives (Oldenburg,1999) that is why we intend that our coffee shop will be on two floors and one will be dedicated and set apart for those customer who might want some quiet time maybe to think or study or to catch up have a quiet time with friends and family.

Project Tasks


  • Logistics and equipment
    • Facility: the kind of facility that we are looking for the coffee shop should be one that is accessible, it has a potential for outdoor sitting and a good and spacious parking lot. We intend to lease a 2,500sqft building for a given for the period of one year that is because new businesses have many challenges to overcome so renting works best because in any case there is a change of mind it will be easy to fold up things and move on. Some of the other considerations to consider when picking a facility will be ease to getting to roads and ability to walk and nearness to major neighborhoods in town
    • Design: we need to do some nice design and ambient work both on in internal and external part of the coffee shop. We plan to hire an interior designer who has experience in restaurant designing and has a good portfolio to show for it and the design work should be purely within the budget limits. Being a young and upcoming coffee shop we can’t afford to have some expensive and luxurious designs that may not even relate to our clients.
    • Equipment: we recognize that buying kitchen equipment and fit out might be expensive for a start-up .We intend to start with second hand equipment such that we shall buy from other coffee shops. Some of the equipment we require include coffee machines, steamers, coolers microwaves and Panini grills.
    • Paper work: our business will require to get a coffee shop vendor license from the state authorities. We will also require to be cleared by safety standards officers before we can open our business to the public.
  • Staff
    • Management: being a partnership the coffee shop will have two senior managers that will have equal decision making powers in the enterprise. The advantage of this is that better decisions are made in the interest of the business because they are thought through by more than one person.
    • Recruitment: Part of the process of personnel selection involves determining among the potential candidates, their suitability, their education, their experience, skills and ability to perform according to job specifications (Kaynak, 2002). The process is aimed at choosing the best candidate who can add value to the enterprise. We intend to be very thorough and particular about the kind of people to employ.
    • Supervision: the coffee shop will have a supervision officer who will be in charge of all employees. He will be tasked with making employee appraisals to recommend for promotions and dismissals. The type of person that we want for this position is one who is hungry and eager to get started. Preferably a young person albeit without experience but as long he/she is willing to work under minimal supervision and has great ideas to bring on board. At beyond coffee we are about giving young people a chance to cut a niche for themselves.
    • Remuneration: our remuneration policy will be progressive and diverse, when the sales go up and more money begins streaming in that will also be reflected on the payroll of our employees but as a principle we will not pay anyone below the minimum wage. We believe that well remunerate workers are likely to perform well and work harder.
  • Marketing
    • Research and marketing strategy : Marketing strategy is the logic through which a company aims at creating customer value while at the same time making a profit( Kotler,2004).A good marketing strategy entails research, to find out about your customers and looking at the strength,weaknesses,opportunities and threats to one’s company(SWOT analysis)
    • Marketing mix objectives: Marketing mix is the tactical part of the marketing is what a company can do to influence the demand and uptake of its product (Kotler, 2004).It consists of product, price, and place and promotion (the 4ps). When it comes to product our main product will be coffee. On the issue of price we intend to set a very friendly price that can attract many customers but also enable us to make profit. Our main place where customers can get our products will be at the coffee shop but we intend to have salesmen delivering products at people’s doors. We will use may activities to promote our products including social media and sponsoring events
    • Product positioning strategy: The product is designed in such a way that it can be very personal to consumers, one that creates life lasting memories (Pearson, 2009). This is meant to make sure that the brand retains its market share.
    • Marketing communication: Our message will be concise and memorable to reflect the superior quality of our brand and products.
  • Quality control
    • Personnel management: our employees will be answerable to the supervisor who will be answerable to the senior managers. This is to ensure that there are enough checks in place to ensure that there is no room for mistakes. Employees and the management will agree objective to be met for a given period and a review will be done after that period to ascertain if it was followed.
    • Customer feedback: at beyond coffee the views and interests of our customers is what matters most. Our aim is to satisfy the customer’s needs both real and perceived. Once a complaint has been lodged we take immediate measures to correct that and if possible redress the customer for any loss suffered. Positive feedback is also registered to act as a building block for more positive ratings by customers.
    • Use of Lean technique: Lean is a way of working that identifies wastage and improves service delivery. It also entails identifying who the real customer is and the value they require. It will also entail the management identifying the chain of each product to eliminate waste from the system (Womack & Jones, 1996)
    • Monitoring: there will be continuous assessment of all processes of production, marketing and communication to find out if there are areas that require that improvement or adjustments .This will be an all-inclusive exercise between the management and the staff.
  • Customer profile and satisfaction
    • Customer profile: Most of customers and our target market is mainly younger people that is why we are making our coffee shop to be friendlier to this segment of the market. Services such as free internet, outdoor space ,music and poetry slams are geared towards pulling them in droves
    • Freshness: we recognize that coffee loses its freshness in two weeks after being roasted that is why at beyond coffee we roast our own coffee.
    • Comfortable seats: our coffee intends to have nice upholstered seats for customer satisfaction. We understand that most coffee lovers prefer to patronize coffee shops that have nice and comfortable furniture. According to Robson (1999) successful coffee shops have comfortable seats.
    • Enough lighting: it will be important that the light that we have in the coffee shops is enough because some customers might want study or do their school assignments at our joint. Due to outdoor sitting some will be able to enjoy good sunshine and we believe that will meet the demands of our customers.
    • Cleanliness: we intend to keep our coffee shop clean at all times to meet the demands and expectations of a coffee shop on a busy street in town. This we believe will satisfy our customers.
  • Communication and advertising
    • Social media: social media is the use and exchange of content produced by users (Kaplan& Haenlein,2010) sites such as facebook, twitter and YouTube provide a an inexpensive way of connecting with customers and reach more people with custom made information about the brand and products. We intend to utilize social media to reach more people
    • Feedback: good businesses or organizations give a chance for feedback and that will be our communication policy. Both our employees and clients will have a chance to give their input in decisions especially those that affect them directly. Feedback can be through social media or one-on –one meetings with management
    • Promotion of social events: our coffee shop will take a keen interest in supporting social events in town such a talents of young people by sponsoring events. This will be our social responsibility but at the same time creating brand awareness and advertising our products.
    • Advertising: It is any form of paid promotion, initially our strategy will be use social networking sites but in the long term we would want to advertise on nationwide radio and TV channels, that’s a long term goal. We believe that advertising has the potential of increasing sales and consequently profit.

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