Pros and Cons of Technology at Home

Pros and Cons of Technology at Home




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Pros and Cons of Technology at Home

Without a doubt, our lives have been so dependent on the technology and its gadgets that most of us would not begin to imagine how life would be like if we didn’t have the gadgets that we currently possess in our houses and homes (Straubhaar et al,.2013) . This gadgets have brought many benefits that have made our lives enjoyable and exciting but they have also brought with them some undesirable results that we would do well to avoid. Let us briefly look at some of the pros and cons of modern technology at home.

Not long ago many homes didn’t have a television set but today we have become so dependent on it for both information and entertainment. Many families huddle around a TV set in the evening to watch news and other family programs and that has made life enjoyable. However, when people are glued onto TV an important opportunity is missed to enrich each other’s lives with conversation and time to socialize.

There are many things that people can pick from each other by way of conversation that we can get from TV and in a way we might say that due to lack of meaningful and rich interactions people don’t get as much time to interact due to the addiction to television and its programs.

A mobile phone is another revolutionary gadgets that has transformed how we talk to our loved ones. We are able to stay in touch with loved ones at a cheaper cost. Parents can keep track of their teenage by way of GPS trackers and get help for them in case of any danger that might befall while they are out with friends but at the same time the use of mobile phones can be addictive due to the many applications and games that have been installed. Mobile phones also have made us vulnerable to attacks by hackers who might use private information in the smartphones to blackmail others (Trefil & Hazen.2013).

Technology can also cause great harm to the environment and ultimately lead to its destruction. The radioactive rays produced by gadgets such as mobile phones can cause various types of cancers while the carbon dioxide produced by automobiles leads to global warming that results in erratic weather patterns. Some of the solutions to these challenges posed by the modern technologies can be solved by recycling that has been made possible by modern inventions. Reduction in usage of machines especially those that are not needed can help to reduce the impact that they may have on the environment.


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