Brochure: Moral Development

lefttop00Cognitive DevelopmentTeens begin to use more complex thinking with their personal decisions at home and school. They also begin with abstract thinking and cinsider many points of view and find reason in their known principles. This is also when they begin to speak their minds and may begin to question authority and the standards of society Moral DevelopmentFamily, culture, and religion influence moral decision making. During adolescence, peers begin to have a greater influence, and they may begin to rebel. lefttop00In their late teens, they begin to rebel less and find their identity and belief system. They will begin to feel passionate about their moral code and participating in activities to demonstrate their moral convictions. lefttop00Physical DevelopmentPhysical development is different among females and males.Females develop breasts and begins to grow pubic, underarm, and leg hair. Menstrual cycles begin to mark a females puberty, and will have growth spurts until about 16 years old.
lefttop00Physical Development Cont.Males will notice the growth in genitalia around 9 years old. They will begin to grow pubic hair, facial hair, underarm hair, and leg hair around 12 years old.Unlike females, males mark of puberty is nocturnal emissions. After this their voices begin to change and their growth spurts continue until around 18 years old. Psychosocial DevelopmentTeens begin to look at their future in terms of college, career, family, and personal identity lefttop00Teens will move towards independence, worrying about their body image and how they look, peers become extremely important, and they will find their identity TEENSAdolescent development