PSY 225 Changing a Behavior Worksheet

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Changing a Behavior Worksheet

Choose a goal you want to achieve or a behavior you want to change. For example, it could be a specific behavior, such as an eating habit, managing anger, minimizing procrastination, improving a skill, or how you discipline your children. Be specific in describing the behaviors you want to exhibit, both in the desired goal and in the steps toward that goal.

Based on the information in Ch. 7 of Positive Psychology on designing personal goals and in Ch. 8 on developing self-regulation and self-control, develop a plan to change the behavior and answer the following questions.

What is the specific behavior you want to change? One thing I mostly want to change would be my attitude and my certain inconsiderate ways. My reasons being that I know I stress my mom out at times and my girlfriend too with my ways. I know my girlfriend wants me to come to her house more but I’m so stuck in my ways I don’t be wanting to go to her house much more of her wanting to come to my house instead. I know my mom does a lot for me and I should return the favor and cut out my kid ways that I still have a little bit of. I know by actually being an adult and handling responsibilities more that I will know that I’m improving to be better and more considerate and understanding.(50-100 words)

Why would it be a value to stop this behavior or learn a new behavior or skill? Main reasons is cause I notice by me being this way it hurts both individuals feelings and makes them look at me like I’m just so selfish, inconsiderate, cold hearted, and so much as uncaring as well. By me take these new steps in changing my ways for better I know my love life with my girlfriend will propel into something even more beautiful and I know it would actually bring my mom’s stress level down if I actually start chipping in and helping out with chores around the house as well as going half on the cell phone bill, my car note, insurance, etc.It would be a great value to both individuals if I actually change my ways and start helping out mom and start compromising with my mate as well . (100-150 words)

What is your action plan to change your behavior? My plan is to go back to church and get backn into getting close to GOD first and to redevelop my relationship with him and from that point forward I know I can start back humbling myself like GOD teaches us to be like his son Jesus, so with that being said I feel that once I get back into my roots with GOD then everything will work out with my change in ways towards my mom and my girlfriend, so that I can be the man my girlfriend deserves as well as son my mom deserves. I’m going to take it one day at a time and for starters with my girlfriend she always wanted a picnic as long as we have been together so I figured for a surprise on our anniversary this year I would finally throw her a picnic, and for my mother I want to start helping her out to take some of the slack off her back with bill and stuff, until I’m able to get out and get my own apartment. I also know that if I start attending bible study with my girlfriend regulary as well as attend church regulary with her instead going elsewhere or not going at all then I know these are the things she will appreciate cause I’m all about making my mate happy and being that I’m looking for change in life as I’m getting older I feel like it’s the right thing to do.I’m going to continue striving for GOD letting him guide me into the right path and help me do the things that are needing to be did or done. (250-300 words)

How would you know if you accomplished your objectives? It’s going to be a work in progress I can tell you that much, but how I would know if I’m accomplishing my objectives is the results of how my mother and my girlfriend are going to react once I start being the opposite of what I use to be. Actually helping my mom out everytime I get paid as well as pay attention more to my girlfriend’s wants and needs. Compromising at times like going to her house more often then making her come to my house all the time, I know to her it’s not fair but being that she loves being around me she’s going to come anyway so that’s why I get away it, so that’s why I’m so use to putting her in that predicament cause I know I don’t have to go to her she’ll come to me an that’s a habit I have to and will break. (100-150 words)

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