PSY 225 Polling Exercise

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Polling Exercise

Conduct a poll of at least five people by asking the following questions. Evaluate each answer and decide whether you would consider it as hedonic or eudaimonic, and record it in the table. Finally, answer the question below the table in 200-350 words.

1. Cortney Burrell- things that make her happy would be her relationship with her boyfriend, singing in the choir, learning new things in school, as well as going on trips and such. When asked do she think she’s living the good life she answered , that life was great, the fact that she has two degrees from college, as well as a great job working at region 3 which is a chemical dependency place to help people off drugs and such. When asked if she could make any changes, she claimed she would of made better choices that she made when she was going to high school as well as junior college.

2.Kentoris Shumpert- Things that make him happy is his baby girl, his job, and his grandma. When asked if he thinks he’s living the good life he answered, that his life could be better if he gone acquire his general equilavency diploma, also if he gone and move out of Mississippi where he can be able to have more and better job opportunities and such. When asked if he could make any changes to be happier he answered, he would of never dropped out of high school, he would of made better choices then he made in his earlier years, and would be a more spiritual person as well.

3. Sharon Nails- Things that make her happy is her son, church, job, and life. When asked do she think she’s living the good life she answered that she think she’s living a fair life, she feels that as long as she’s alive she’s having a good life just off that hand and the fact that she has her affairs in order she feels like she’s having a wonderful life. When asked if she could make any changes that she wished would make her happier she wished that she had went on to the military service when she got done with college, also she wished she would had went to school out of state instead of going to school closer in her area.

4.Arlando Mccoy- Things that make him happy is hanging out with friends, partying, and making money. When asked if he thinks he’s living the good life he answered, his life was great, he has great friends, make money on a regular, very popular in the club world, so he feels very blessed. When asked if he could make any changes to be happier he answered, he would of never dropped out of school, never messed up his record with two felonies, and would of never turned into a homosexual.

5.Terio Chandler- Things that make him happy is spending time with his kids, working to provide for his family and giving his time to GOD. When asked do he think he’s living the good life he said yes. When asked why? He answered, he always wanted a family and he always wanted a great relationship with GOD, he feels being that GOD has blessed him with kids and a great job to provide for his family he’s living the perfect life. When asked do he wish he could change things to be happier, he stated that he wished he never would had messed up his record, he wished he would of never caught felony charges if he could go back he said he would change his ways so he would of never messed up.

What makes you happy? I have a lot of things that make me happy in particular, like my family, my mate, my life in general. The fact that I love going to church, as well as hanging out with friends and family that makes me very happy. I’m not gone lie when I do receive excess refunds from this university and I’m able to catch up on bills and such that surely makes me happy. The fact that GOD wakes me up every day to breath the fresh air that he provides makes me unsubstanially happy. The fact that I’m able to get up and go to work to make a living makes me feel like I have a purpose and for that I’m happy on that tip. I’m not gone lie I do feel down sometimes but that’s normal that we all go threw, but when I think of those things everyday I wake up all I can do Is look up and just smile cause GOD has blessed me with a lot of things as well as a chance to do better in life and for that reason those are the things that make me happy. The fact that I had another chance with love as well an actually have someone that actually treating me like a human being an a real man makes life all the worth living.

Would you say you are living “the good life?” Why or why not? Honestly, no I don’t feel that I’m living the good life because I have been dealing with a lot throughout my years. Right now I’m going through things such as dealing with fines and debt. I not long ago filed bankruptcy because I owed so many loan companies and such that it was becoming unbearable to deal with and I was getting so stressed out from the situation and if that don’t make things worst the fact that I keep having run ins with the police being harassed and such for nothing has added stress in my life as well. The fact tha t’m wanting to move out of Mississippi and I’m still stuck in this crappy state grows more and more a burden on me. I feel that once I get fines paid off and such I will finally be able to start living the good life that I’m destined to live. I have goals and plans, which are to travel the world or all over this country, become a probation officer, start a family, and be a church going family, once I succeed in those things then I can actually start saying I’m living the good life but until then the life I’m living is more of trying to survive and maintain. Everyday it seems like the struggle is becoming more and more real, and as I keep fighting I know in the end all my hardwork and dedication will pay off and then only then I can start saying I’m living the good life.

If you could make any changes you wished that would make you happier, what would those be? Well I wish I could go back to middle school and do it back over from that point leading up to now, I would of did a lot more things, I would have been more outspoken and took chances, I wouldn’t of been so much in my shell and shy then. I probably would have been more of a class clown but the kind that still get good grades but is more of the life of the party type guy. Growing up even up till now I’ve for some reason have a lot of females for some reason don’t like me like to the fullest and I have found myself to be the not so popular guy and I don’t even know why. I’ve learned some things along the way on why certain people might not like me but up to this point I really don’t care anymore so it doesn’t even matter, but just saying if I could make changes to be happier I would go back in time and do things in my life differently for a different outcome even If I could back knowing what I know now then. Also if I could make any changes as far as now is concerned to be happier is to become a probation officer so I can once and for all move out of Mississippi and finally start a new life with my other half elsewhere and start fresh.

Hedonic Eudaimonic
Arlando Mccoy would fit better in this category Cortney Burrell would fit better in this categoryKentoris Shumpert would fit better in this categorySharon Nails would fit in this categoryTerio Chandler would fit in this category

Write a summary of your results. What common beliefs about happiness were evident in your results? Looking at these results from the people that were interviewed it showed that some had goals on what they wanted for happiness and you had some that had the common moral of happiness. It’s evident that majority of the people were drawn to happiness due to their families which is very common in happiness and even though one interviewee was more drawn to materialistic things for happiness it showed basically the difference and types of happiness there are and it basically broke down the difference when examining the results from all people that were interviewed.

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