PSY 225 Strengths Paper

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Strengths Paper





Strengths Paper

The five highest strengths that was on my survey was creativity, self-regulation, hope, bravery, and teamwork out of all strengths the survey put out about me these were the top five of them all. Well for starters one of my strengths hope for example, I have hope that I will find a better job not only that but graduate with my bachelor degree and actually go out into the criminal justice field to be a probation officer. Creativity is definitely a day to day use because I come up with multiple ways of how we can get our work schedule did depending on how many pieces of product we have to build. I also show bravery every day for all the co workers who are intimidated by supervisors and I’m not and how some talk to workers like they garbage and I’ll stand up for them and let them know that it’s not right to talk to people like their kids (Widiger, 2016).

Another part of my top five strength that I incorporate In my everyday life is teamwork especially when I’m at work. At my work place it’s all about helping out so we can all get off at the same time instead of one set of people getting off before the others. I’m quick to always help others out when I’m done with a schedule me and my partner have assigned to us. I work at Capital Bedding and I build bed frames and we have so many different types of beds to build to where we’ll end up finishing our assignment and if the other table still have beds to do and it’s going to be a while before they get done me and my partner will end up helping out with the rest of their assignment so that we all can get on out of there.

That’s the thing in my work and school life I use all top five of my strengths to get through my day to day all the time. It’s basically nothing different about my routine every now and then a little different but other than that it’s being used every day.


Widiger, T. A. (2016). Strengths and Weaknesses. The Wiley Handbook of Positive Clinical Psychology, 261.

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