PSY 225 Tracking Positive and Negative Emotions Assignment

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Tracking Positive and Negative Emotions Paper





Tracking Positive and Negative Emotions Paper

During my four day trial of experimenting with my emotions, I have found a lot of interesting things of what sets my emotions off and what’s even more fascinating about it is how each time frame of the day goes by how my emotions were either the same or different. Looking at my tracking period it seems that I withstood an equal deal of positive and negative emotions over the four day period, so it wasn’t like it was more positive than negative or vice versa. Example, day one that morning when the alarm woke me up my emotions was negative because I had to get up and get ready for working knowing I didn’t really want to go, at the same time by that afternoon my emotions was more positive than they were earlier Day two I woke up that morning as the alarm went off as usual with of course a negative attitude but once again as the day progressed by the afternoon I was in a more positive mood so my emotions started being positive. This goes on repeat for day three and four as well.

What I did notice about the ranges of my emotions throughout these four days is that on day two and three my emotions did get negative real bad to a rating of four because of my supervisor and his so called “ego” of how he wants to run a department he’s never ran, trying to tell us how to do our job that we been doing since he been over in shipping department driving the fork lift. Then make matters worse, then he wants to talk trash like he really gone fire somebody even though he knows he can’t, but he thinks we don’t know that. What really drew out the strongest emotion was day four when he called himself yelling at my partner who I work with building beds like he a kid. It really furiated me to the point where I had to just walk off to the restroom for the moment to the point where I could cool off and return back to my station.

When looking at the positive emotions that I did experience in comparing in this week’s reading, it did make me realize how positive emotion can rid away all negative emotions depending on how strong the emotion of positivity is. At the same time it did teach that in some cases negative emotions can be just as powerful as positive can, and I realized that as well during one of the days of this experiment. It also disclosed how in certain cases how positive and negative behavior can affect your well being. On day four I noticed some things about friendship and how a certain person I felt has turned their back on me and not knowing why has affected my emotions in a negative way to where it pretty much ended a long childhood friendship.

These days when it comes down to the strategy I use to ensure positive emotions in my life is to go to church, give your time to GOD as we all suppose to do in the first place even though some of us don’t. Staying around positive people if I can’t be around positive people, then I’ll be around my mate. Do fun things like travel, play sports, or even work out. Also I have video games that I do play on spare time to release negative emotion and to receive positive emotion in enjoying things I love to do or things that make me feel good. I also like to help other people that are in need, especially where I come from, I rather see kids working or going to school then hanging out here on these streets breaking in people’s houses or selling drugs that mostly urban kids are stereotyped to do even though in most cases are true. The point is I have enjoyment and great positive emotion when I’m able to help somebody get a ride somewhere, even if it means them benefitting on a possibility of getting a job or someone just basically trying to get back to their family or loved ones, either way I just loving helping others and seeing a smile on their faces.

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