PSY 245 Qualitative Research Case Study

Qualitative Research Case Study

PSY/245 – Survey of Research and Statistics

University of Phoenix

According to University of Phoenix Ethics and Case Study Worksheet (2016), patients that are under the age of 35 at a large mental health clinic have a low response rate to phone call reminders (p. 2). The qualitative method for the second case study should be a focus group. A focus group is the appropriate choice since 40 percent of the patients are under the age of 35. Participants in the discussion group will use questionnaires. After the questionnaire, I would follow up with an interview that approaches the type of communication the 40 percent prefer to utilize. I think that a survey would also be appropriate for the focus group towards the end of the study. The survey would be used for the group to express the experience they had through the study.

Since there is approximately 40 percent of the patients that do not communicate well by phone, I feel that a focus group would be the best choice for the scenario. An unanticipated influence on the focus group would be the data from those that participated. Since the focus group is limited, the information may not represent that percentage of patients at the clinic as a whole. There also may be not any control over what the participants in the interview may say.

To construct the qualitative research that addresses the characteristics of good qualitative research the material may need to be formulated by the researcher. New research material is used to gain the best possible data that pertains to the study of how to understand the communication skills of those under the age of 35. Gathering information and deciding what type of instrument to use is the first stage. The researcher should decide what kind of questions to use in the survey or questionnaire. Then a pilot test should be done before interacting with the actual focus group. According to Davis and Smith (2013), collected information on the important demographic needs to be determined by the researcher. The instructions and procedures of the project should also be established (p. 76).


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