PSY 250 Personality Reflection Worksheet

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Personality Reflection

Using the textbook, the University Library, the Internet, and/or other resources, answer the following questions. Your responses to each question will vary but overall should be 700- to 1,050-words in length.

How would you define personality? When you look at the definition of personality it is defined as a person as embodiments of collection of qualities in a more psychological approach it would be the sum total of the physical, mental, emotional, and social characteristics of an individual or the organized patter of behavioral characteristics of the individual. Opinion wise though, personality is basically the type of thing that defines you as a person and all individuals have different personalities, whether it be a person whose personality is very spiritual, mean, nice, funny, etc. Over time a person’s personality can develop and of course change, a person’s personality can also be influenced by others over time as well.

What are some key personality features that define you? The key personality that defines me in particular is that I’m a fun type guy, love to make people laugh, but at the same time I know I can be a big jerk sometimes too, I feel that I inherit some of my ways from my father and psychologically it’s proven that some traits of a parent do be passed down to their child or children. My dad is a womanizer, a prick, selfish, inconsiderate, and amongst other things and I have changed some of my ways due to the fact I didn’t want to grow up and be like him and I still have more work in changing and defining my true personality.

What key concepts or “constructs” are used to explain your personality? My key concepts or “constructs that I use to develop my new personality would be my religion and beliefs in GOD to guide me in my life. Also my mother who raised me in certain ways also has help me in my development of my personality as well, at the same time certain friends have also been concepts of my personality between these three things here this what constructs my personality.

Are your personality features consistent or do they change according to the situation? Actually my personality do change up from time to time according to the situation for example when I’m at work I’m more of a fun, hype, goofy, smack talking type of guy but be in all fun, when at church I conduct myself in a more respectable humble type, and when I’m hanging with friends doing things such as go to clubs, movies, out of town trips, etc. My personality then is cool, laid back, party starter type of person. My personality can go multiple ways but it goes back to the question just according to the situation on what type of personality you get from me at that point.t

Have you ever taken a personality test before? No if so, what was your reaction to the analysis? If not, what would you expect a proper test to measure? To be honest never thought of anything such as that but now that it does come to mind I would suggest in order for it to properly work they would have to go out and just view different people in different areas as well as view different scenarios and situations to be able to understand a person’s personality to be able to even measure it. Also they could go to schools and view teen students as well as kid students to determine the type of personality each student possesses, other than that I don’t see how they could really measure once personality over a test of questions. A person nine times out of ten in my opinion doesn’t always be honest on those kinds of tests.

What would make a personality test reliable and valid? Personality Assessment is a most important part in professional psychology that includes the management, scoring, and explanation of empirically sustained measures of personality features. A personality test is reliable and valid when psychologists perform complete clinical diagnoses and increase the precision of behavioral prediction in a different kind of environments and settings.

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