PSY 275 Problems of the Mind and Body Matrix

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Problems of the Mind and Body Matrix

Disorder Symptoms Causes Treatments Gender/Cultural Influences (If applicable)
Schizophrenia Disorganized speechDelusionsHallucinations negative symptoms Genes EnvironmentProblems with brain chemicals DSM-IVPsychotic medicationInsulin shock therapyFamily therapyTraining on social skills People in western developed countries have high level of delusions while those in developing countries portray hellucinations
Anorexia Sudden weight lossLack of interest in certain foodsFeeling of being fat despite Weight lossConcentration on food, dieting and weightPretending to eatPrefering to eat alone Emotional, physical and social triggers that lead to the manner metabolism and brain work thus causing stress on the body. Therapy and counseling Medical treatment Nutritional counseling The kind of food eaten in a particular culture, championing for gluten free foods in certain cultures
Somatoform Neurologic complicationsGastrointestinal complicationsSexual complicationsAnxiety disorderConversion disorder High sensivity to physical sensations Negative and exaggeration of fears Defense against psychological distress that results in distress Cognitive behavioral therapyPsychososial intervention Counselling of victims  


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