PSY 345 Week 2 Spatial Organization Presentation

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Spatial Organization Presentation



This PowerPoint will openly discuss spatial organizationConcepts of spatial organizationAffects of spatial organization in visual perceptionPerception and how it influences behavior

Spatial Organization

What is spatial organization?Spatial Organization is how we organize and put together our visual ideas and information that is presented to us

Spatial Organization Affects Visual Perception

Depth and DistanceThe EYE

Location /Object Based Attention

Being in a specific location can help you to focus on what the task is.

Visual Processing

Visual information Processing Process InterpretVisual Perceptual Processing Visual discrimination Visual Figure ground Visual sequential memory

Spatial Dysfunctions

Individuals with spatial dysfunction are often Disorganized

Perception Influences Behavior

Perception influences behavior based upon the persons understanding of their surroundings and environment.

Perception Influences Behavior

The way you see thingsVS.The way others see you


Perception and Spatial Organization is very import and plays a key role in life. You need to have this skill to be managed and organized with daily routines without it you will be disorganized

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