PSY 420 Designing a Reinforcement Exam

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Designing a Reinforcement Exam

PSY 420

Designing a Reinforcement Exam

1. True or False:  Partial Reinforcement is schedule that is best used during the initial stages of learning so the patient can distinguish an intense connection between their behaviors and responses.



2. ______________ are those where a response is reinforced only after a specified number of responses. 

A. Fixed-Ratio Schedules

B. Variable-interval Schedules

C. Fixed-interval Schedules

D. Continuous Reinforcement

3.  An example in a lab setting would be reinforcing a bird with bird seed for the pressing a button after a 45 second time has passed would be which of the following?

A. Variable-ratio schedules

B. Variable-interval schedules

C. Fixed-interval schedules

D. Fixed-ratio schedules

4. Which ratio is the correct response after it has been reinforced?


  • Continuous
  • Fix -ratio schedule
  • Intermittent reinforcement
  • Fix ratio responding
    • When you are only getting in trouble every other day what reinforcement does this reinforce?
    • Intermittent reinforcement
    • Variable-ratio schedule
    • Variable-interval schedule
    • Fix-ratio schedule
    • True or False: Continuous reinforcement can be a continuous cycle for a behavior that has been reinforced to where the initial stage of learning can become a strong response from the behavior. The response can be switched to partial reinforcement schedule.


    When a response prevents a reinforce from being received, it is known as:


    Differential reinforcement of other behavior


    Negative punishment

    Principle of punishment by prevention of a reinforce is described by:

    response occurs less frequently if it has prevented a reinforcer in the past.

    Punishment by prevention contingency

     Punishment by the prevention of the removal of an aversive stimulus

    The post-reinforcement pause is another characteristic of fixed-ratio-maintained behavior.

    Laughing at every single joke a person tells is a good example of:

    Intermittent reinforcement

    Continuous reinforcement

    Fixed-ratio schedule of reinforcement.

    Variable-ratio of reinforcement

    10. Your Mother gives you a cookie every time after you do the dishes. This is an example of ______schedule of reinforcement.

    11. Trainees get break after every 50 minutes of continuous hiking. This is an example of _____ schedule of reinforcement.

    • Fixed Ratio
    • Variable Ratio
    • Fixed Interval
    • Continuous

    12. To increase business a company randomly rewards one customer a day with a 20% discount. This is an example of _______ schedule of reinforcement.

    • Variable Ratio
    • Fixed Interval
    • Continuous
    • Fixed Ratio

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