Major approaches to clinical psychology: Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder

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Major approaches to clinical psychology: Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder

Timothy BrownPSY/480March 3, 2018Rina Wallace

Major approaches to clinical psychology : ADHD

Psychodynamic ApproachCognitive-behavioral ApproachHumanistic ApproachFamily system ApproachReferences

Attention deficit Hyperactive Disorder

Most commonly diagnosed in children.Treated normally with medication.Carries a host of symptoms that cause people to be distracted, inattentive, constantly moving or fidgeting, and other symptoms.

Psychodynamic Approach

Based off of the work of Sigmund FreudMaintains that the individual has three basic points: Id, ego, and superego.Works by syncing the unconscious and conscious mind into one thinking.

Techniques & strategies of psychodynamic approach

The Id is the basic primal needs of the personThe superego is the angel on your shoulder telling you what the right thing to do is while the Id is the little devil whispering the wrong ideas.The ego is the diplomatic side of the person that looks for the middle ground to compromise.

Goals of psychodynamic approach with ADHD

Attempt to understand what the patient is feeling and how they are expressing those feelingsCoupled with medication, the psychodynamic approach is used to get the patient on a better plane of understanding about themselves.Enhance the abilities of both psychodynamic therapy and the medication for the best results of the patient.

Cognitive-behavioral Approach

The cognitive-behavioral approach takes into account thoughts, feelings, and interpretation of those thoughts on behavior.Based on the work of Skinner, Pavlov, and others.Attempts to curb behaviors through reinforcement and other means.

Cognitive behavioral approach techniques and strategies.

Classical conditioningOperant conditioningSocial learning perspective

Goal of cognitive behavioral approach in treating ADHD

To teach the individual the proper ways to go about things instead of their normal behavior.Provide them with reinforcement to help sustain positive behavior and curb negative behaviors.

Humanistic Approach

Based on the work of Maslow, Frankl, and others.Was started as an alternative to psychodynamic approach and CBT approach.Seeks to understand the individual and their behavior based on the whole of the person.

Strategies and techniques of the humanistic approach

Active listeningEmpathySelf actualizationUnconditional positive regard

Humanistic approach to treating ADHD

Family Systems Approach

Strategies and techniques of family system approach


Family system approach to treating ADHD



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