Psychopathology research serves psychotherapy research

Psychopathology research serves psychotherapy research





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Psychopathology research serves psychotherapy research

For this case, the two terms have to be clearly understood so that the meaning can well be deduced and understood. According to (Kiesler, 1996) Psychopathology is generally the study of mental health. It involved the features of mental health considered collectively and all other behavioral disorders. Psychotherapy on the other hand is the therapeutic is the treatment or the interaction between a trained personnel and the patient. The statement therefore means that understanding how the human brain function works will make the psychotherapist in many cases understand how to treat and serve the patient well . They both work hand in hand where psychopathology is the key to psychotherapy.

There are many pros and cons related to using psychopathology as a key to psychotherapy. The advantages outweigh the disadvantages. First, improvement of major systems of psychotherapy .The approach to psychotherapy has changed and improved to the better. By studying the human brain, it has led to a clear understanding of how it handles different things therefore understanding how to handle different things. There is also the Integrative therapy for generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) which like the other, it has aided in its far and deep understanding of the field. Just like there are the pros to this, there are also the cons. There are doubts amongst the experts and the people involved in this field about the two fields of knowledge are related. There are various techniques and various variables in the field of knowledge in using and assuming the statement as asserted by (Plutchik & Kellerman, 1990).

This assumption might be most valuable when you need a broader understanding of several concepts. This is always when one needs to broaden their understanding and help in solving issues more that or other than those falling in their field. It might be very invalid when you already have the broader specific knowledge in the field of psychotherapy. You will be using other means and knowledge in solving day to day issues (Stein, 1998). In conclusion, it has proofed to be very beneficial and for a fact Psychopathology research serves psychotherapy research.


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