Public Funding of Arts and Sciences

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Public Funding of Arts and Sciences

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The Arts and Sciences is a major department in the world that has the role in explaining facts relating to life. The words, creativity, ideas and the meanings drawn are of paramount importance. It is dreading as we see the government neglecting this sector while other sectors which seem most important are highly funded. Following is the discussion of the several ways in which this sector should also be given great consideration in the economy (Hellweg & Mandel, 2004).

First and foremost, arts are a very important part of the education. To ensure there are experts in the future of our country it would be best if the government funds this sector. The future generation needs to be one that will depend on itself in the future and concern has to be raised to prevent the diminishing artistic expressions (BjörnsdoÌttir, 2009). The education system has to be rooted with a very wide and extensional arts system. Funds are needed in order for the students not to be burdened financially. Besides, money is needed for a number of trips that has to be made to museums and other important places for the gain of more knowledge. It will be illogical for this sector that mainly requires the utilization of students’ creativity to be hard to get course. Students will shun away from this sector because of high fees (BjörnsdoÌttir, 2009).

Second, when it comes to sciences, the research conducted in the field and financing of projects is a major consumer of money not considering the amount that goes to paying teachers. “Science is the gearing factor currently in the modern technology and its basics led to the most sophisticated products that are seen currently in the market” (BjörnsdoÌttir, 2009). If funding is not allocated to this crucial sector now then it means that the future of the country is blurred. Sciences also have advantages when it comes to investing in it. Science also deals in researches that aim in creating medicine too many illnesses and to cope with the trends in terms of diseases due to mutations (Hellweg & Mandel, 2004). This is a very important factor in that it helps increasing a healthy nation especially for the working class which is necessary for the generation of revenue for the country.

Lastly, arts are a major source of recreation because of the creativity in it. If it is encouraged, in my opinion I think that in future some revenue will be drawn in it. As a matter of fact many countries earn revenue from tourism as people from other countries tour to see the amazing things and in turn the country gets revenue in it. This will help not only in revenue collection but also in reducing unemployment among the people (BjörnsdoÌttir, 2009).

Analyzing these concepts, leads to a conclusion that people should not be in high objections against funding arts and sciences but should rather support it fully. The government should realize that how the next generation will be in future depends on how they will hold and resolve matters that are being debated. Therefore, for the sake of a better nation enough funds should be allocated to the sector to fund appropriate activities in this sector.


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