Public Health Trends in the Future

Public Health Trends in the Future

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Public Health Trends in the next Future

Public Health does not have one definition, while the simple term of health is the absence of disease, we can say that public health main purpose is the absence and control of diseases in a community or the general population. Another way to understand the ample scope of public health is by understanding the depth of the discipline continuous efforts to prevent the appearance of disease and the promotion of health states not to a sole individual which belong to the clinical medicine realm, but to large segments of populations.

It is impossible to speak of public health without emphasizing the main areas of recognized importance and serious concentration which enclosed the values of a healthy lifestyle, clean communities, safety, injuries prevention at work and home, and lately the management of the community’s health and insurance coverage. The vision in the future is to bring public health action and clinical medicine closer since the goal of both scientific fields is the same to care for humankind and improve the living and sanitary conditions in our environment.

To address the several trends in the future of the public health arena represent not only a challenge, but also a cause of major concern, since the task involve others potential actors, like the government, the private sector, the legislature, and the significant contribution of nonprofit sectors (Perrot & Holland, 2015). The trends more expected to occur in the next future are 1- The revival of a more settled middle class, more cultured and with more financial capacity. 2- The appearance of new infectious disease forms or repetition in different shapes of those already established. 3-Antibiotic resistance. 4-Climate change. 5- The drug and opioid crisis. 6- The increase in chronic diseases (obesity, diabetes, hypertension). 7- The restructure of mental disease programs. 8- Health disparities and insurance uncovered persons. 9- Health informatics and surveillance progress.

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