Reasonable Accommodating and Work-Life Conflicts

Reasonable Accommodation and Work Life Conflict

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Reasonable Accommodation and Work-Life Conflicts


Reasonable accommodation these are changes made in a work place to accommodate a qualified employee with disability. This ensures that the employee is able to complete his or her duty easily as the fellow employees. “Reasonable accommodation, a provision of the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act, directs employers to alter the workplace so that qualified workers with disabilities have equal employment opportunity.” Harlan, et al (1998). Work life conflict is inter-role conflict where by conditions at work affect personal life. The conflict brings the feelings of stress from having multiple roles.

Mitigation for unfair reasonable accommodation

Reasonable accommodation can be achieved through modification of activities at work to suit people with disability. Purchase of equipment that are easily accessed by people with disabilities should be done. The existing facility and work should be restructured to accommodate everyone in the organization. The organization can provide assistive technology that will aid in interpreting and communication (Key 1996).Providing a reader to assist the employee in performing required duties where technology cannot help. Changing the work space by removing barrier brought by architecture will enable the employee to move around.

Work-life challenges faced by military personnel

The military personnel suffer from prolonged separation from their families that are repeated. This weakens the family ties and the personnel does not participate fully in the family set up. Some military personnel lose their life in the battle field and other encounter physical injuries. This disrupts the normal functioning of the personnel. The law states that members of the military should not be denied re-employment or initial employment in the forces. It also states that the employer has to provide the military personnel with health insurance cover. The military personnel are protected by having long paid leaves. This ensure that the personnel gets to bond and spend time with their family before going back to duty. The law provides that in case of death or injury the personnel should receive compensation to enable the burial if one is dead or provide for the family needs.

Unfair reasonable accommodation

Bank of America denied reasonable accommodation to its employee who was deaf .The managers, supervisors and employee’s communicated to him through hand written notes that he did not understand. They violated his rights of reasonable accommodation by not providing a sign language interpreter. A suit was filed on September 2013 by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and the Bank furnished and paid $30,000 to settle the law suit.