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Recruitment and selection

Fair Labor Standards Act

The Equal Employment Opportunity Act of 1972

labor laws and federal agencies- unions

role of labor relations

responsibility of the organization



Process Knowledge & Documentation

MSDS stands for Material Safety Data Sheet


Good practice guide for interviewing (personal questions)Things that should not be asked in test and interview:relates to a prohibited ground of discriminationthere are limited exceptions (e.g. how to accommodate a disclosed disability)is not related to a recorded KQSEsuch information cannot be used to assess the candidatenon-job related questions may result in an appealThings that can be asked in tests and interviews:it is clearly job-related and relevant to ability to do the jobit doesn’t somehow relate to a prohibited ground of discrimination (with limited exceptions such as the possible need to discuss how a disability might be accommodated)


arbitration and judicial proceedings.

{ED083AE6-46FA-4A59-8FB0-9F97EB10719F}ParticularsArbitrationLitigationPrivate/PublicPrivate – between the two partiesPublic – in a courtroomType of ProceedingCivil – privateCivil and criminalEvidence allowedLimited evidentiary processRules of evidence allowedHow arbitrator/judge selectedParties select arbitratorCourt appoints judge – parties have limited inputFormalityInformalFormalAppeal availableUsually binding; no appeal possibleAppeal possibleUse of attorneysAt discretion of parties; limitedExtensive use of attorneysWaiting time for case to be heardAs soon as arbitrator selected; shortMust wait for case to be scheduled; longCostsFee for arbitrator, attorneysCourt costs, attorney fees; costly

Process safety data or information


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