Report Topic Selection

Report Topic Selection


Report Topic Selection

Learning Team C has decided to produce a report on the expansion of a business. Although we have not narrowed down the exact type of business, it was suggested that we go with some kind of service to provide. The members of the group selected this topic because we all would like to get a better in-depth understanding of how a business is operated, and researching how a business can grow will further our knowledge. Group member Marvin currently has a realty firm; this process could possibly assist Marvin with the expansion of his business.

Once the team chooses a service industry, I believe we should delegate who does what, for example, once the formal outline is written, one member, or a team of two, should be assigned to write the abstract, one should write the glossary, appendix, etc., and we jointly write the discussion portion based on the outline. The outline will be key to the division of assignments. Once our respective duties are complete, I think we should meet via Skype or WebEx to present to each other our pieces, and then we can finalize the assignment.

Content (Points Possible 35) Points Earned: 33
All key elements of the assignment are covered in a substantive way:Review the University of Phoenix Material: Research-Driven Long, Formal Report Instructions.Select a topic for your assignment from the list of potential recommendations below:Expansion of a business (retail, food, services, and so on) to another location(s)Improving a firm’s sales and profitImproving a company’s customer servicesImplementing flexible schedulingReduction of business costsImplementing sustainability measures across the companyInformal, dress-down FridaysTechnology (software and hardware) changes across the companyA business or workplace problem developed using the Virtual Organizations siteAnother topic as approved by your instructorSubmit your selected topic for approval, and write a paragraph about why you decided on the selected topic and how you think you might approach it.Format your paragraph consistent with APA guidelines.Submit your assignment as a Microsoft® Word document to the Assignment Files tab. Comments:Your explanation regarding your choice of topic is very well thought out. It looks like you have identified what you want to address and how. A little more information would be helpful. What other criteria can you look at? For example, how will you obtain capital?Have you reviewed the final project yet? This will help you to ensure you adapt your topic correctly.
Grammar/Mechanics (Points Possible 15) Points Earned: 15
The tone is appropriate to the content and assignment.Rules of spelling, grammar, usage, and punctuation are followedSentences are complete, clear, concise, and varied. Comments: Very well written.

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