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United Health Group



United Health Group

UnitedHealth Group is a diversified healthcare company headquartered in the United States of America. The company serves the market for health benefits through UnitedHealth Care together with the growing market for health services through Optum. The platform mentioned above share and build up a three core competence: Organization of clinical care resources, health care data information that is actionable, and advanced enabling technology. The health company has got a business model that is so flexible and highly adaptable. As a result, the company can quickly and efficiently address emerging needs in the dynamic healthcare landscape (United Healthcare Group, 2015).

United Healthcare provides health benefits needs of individual consumers and employees of all sizes. Individuals who are 50 years and above are taken care of through Medicare and other benefits products that fit the unique needs of such aged people (United Healthcare Group, 2015). The company provides a public health marketplace and offers state innovative medical solution. The company serves the US military members, retirees, and their families. They are expanding their services to their international health care markets (United Healthcare Group, 2015).

Optum focuses on population health management, the delivery of medical care and improvement of clinical and operational elements of the system. Optum leads in the population health management, serving the physical, mental and financial needs of the company and the individuals it serves. As a result, Optum is one of the largest health information, Services Company in the world. United healthcare company employs a workforce of more than 190,000 professionals worldwide. Its services are available in every state in America and additional of 125 other nations across the world (United Healthcare Group, 2015).

Addressing Of Future Healthcare Needs

United Healthcare Company believes that America’s healthcare system requires transformational change aimed at providing all healthcare service providers with border healthcare choice, improved quality, and reduced healthcare costs. The company insists on the adoption of new approaches and technologies that will yield potential and better health outcome by improving connectivity, delivery of care, and public resources utilization. United healthcare observes that health benefits did not begin, and should not stop at the enactment of the Patient Protection and Affordable health care Act. Future improvement of health serviced by health providing companies like UnitedHealthcare will require collaboration between the public and private sector and across the larger healthcare provision industry (United Healthcare Group, 2015).

UnitedHealth Group is in strong support of the move to make high-quality health care available and accessible to everyone. To make this goal a reality, an innovative solution that addresses the underlying healthcare cost drivers should be implemented. This will reduce the medical burden on the shoulders of federal government, the health services consumers and the employees in the health sector. According to Centre for Medicare and Medicaid Services, (CMS), the total spending on the healthcare is anticipated to rise from the 11% average of GDP to 19.6 % of GDP by 2021. The high spending nature of UnitedHealth group always does not result in better healthcare outcomes. According to the World Health Organization, 28 countries have no longer life expectancy rate than that of USA (United Health Group, 2015). It is, therefore, a reality that all participants can realize more value from the spent on healthcare some years back. United healthcare group believes that successful address of this fundamental challenge will create approaches and solutions encompassing major principals for the betterment of future health services.

Major principles that United Health Group proposes for the future betterment of medical services entails optimization of public resources, building upon the foundation of employer-based health coverage. Another principle is the employment of progressive approach to health care benefits (United Healthcare Group, 2015). In the future, effective plans also entail modernizing ways of care delivery to improve affordability and quality health services. UnitedHealth Group is also putting up measures to aimed at making technology an enabling force for better health care. The last principle towards future health services betterment is the modernization of Medicare and Medicaid. In terms of the plans for nurse staffing, UnitedHealth group is the largest employer of nurses in the whole United State. The company organizes critical roles for nurses serving in their healthcare system since the company is operating in the new era of healthcare modernization (United Healthcare Group, 2015).

The center for nursing advancement offers a ways through which nurses can successfully navigate the demands of the fast evolving nursing profession successfully. The nursing advancement plan by UnitedHealth Group is also aimed at enabling nurses to become leaders in their areas of expertise and also to enable the nurses to become innovators in the new area of care delivery. The strategic plans for nurses in UnitedHealth plan are well spelled in the company’s mission statement that is to support the engagement of nurses and promote the development of nurse leaders with strong clinical skills and sharp business acumen. In terms of technological advancement, UnitedHealth Group aims at modernizing the health ecosystem through intelligence, connected and aligned technology.

The company has good strategies to enhance health services revision in future. For example, the employment of new technologies that keeps records of patients in a big database. In addition to record keeping, the company is improving its health security services to its customers through an establishment of insurance services (United Healthcare Group, 2015). UnitedHealth group established an online care management resource that is now available for free for caregivers. This technology helps caregivers to manage the health of family members. This connection the company is using means that customers are linked with UnitedHealth for life. This move has been projected to help alleviate some of the difficulties faced by providing a secure and centralized source to help them more effectively and conveniently manage their caregiving duties (United Healthcare Group, 2015).

Resources owned by the UnitedHealth group ranges from its vast workforce, the equipment the company use and general customers. Training of nurses to be innovators and leaders in service provision is one of many strategies used to manage resources in UnitedHealth group. The company employs competence individuals who are trained to manage various resources available in the company (United Healthcare Group, 2015). The human resource department also ensures that recruited individuals’ possess requisite character and qualifications that make employees management very effective and easy. The measures put in place for development also ensures that customers’ satisfaction is maintained. The introduction of Medicare advantages plans for the customers ensures the availability of proper health care services for the customers. In a nutshell, the UnitedHealth group company has got better plans, which will address the future needs of its customer base regarding satisfaction and quality service delivery (United Healthcare Group, 2015).