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Research in Psychology

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Research in psychology


Alcohol consumption is one of the issues facing the population in the United States. More so, it is spread among college students in the country. The current research will study the drinking patterns of undergraduate students.


Undergraduate college students consume more alcohol on average than the general population.

Alternative hypothesis

There is less alcohol consumption among undergraduate college students than the general population.

Expected findings

There are several things which the study would help to find. The first in the study would be a comparison between male and female students. The research will help to reveal whether they have the same drinking patterns as well as the comparison in quantity. There will also be a comparison between the college students with their age mates who do not attend college. The study will also involve a review of the impact alcohol consumption has on the lives of the lives of the students. Another point of the study is why this habit is widespread among college students and whether peer influences has an impact.

Explanation of the hypothesis

Out of the sample, the mean number of the college students who take alcohol is 45 in each of the colleges. The following is the explanation of the hypothesis based on t-test.

Ho: U1= U

Where Ho is the hypothesis and U1 is the mean of the total population. U is the total population which is representative of the college students.

Confidence interval

For this study, the standard deviation is 1.5. Therefore, the standard error is 0.75. The mean of the study is 45 and the z score is 1.96

The following is the confidence interval of 95%.

95%=45+1.96(0.75) = 46.47


95% = 45-1.96 (0.75) = 43.53

Therefore, the confidence interval is between 43.53 and 46.47

The confidence interval of 99%

The z score is 2.58

99% = 45 + 2.58 (0.75) = 46.935


99% = 45 -2.58 (0.75) =43.065

In this case the confidence interval is between 43.065 and 46.935.

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