Research Proposal – Thesis, Major Points, and Plan

Assignment 2 Research Proposal – Thesis, Major Points, and Plan

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ENG 215: Research and Writing

Assignment 2 Research Proposal- Thesis, Major Points, and Plan

It has been a long debated issue that is growing in the US. Should automobiles be required to have backup cameras? My incentives for discussing this topic are; I’m generally interested to see what people will say about it, and how would it effect the automobile owners in the US? My idea behind it is, it would be pointless. Cause in my defense, half of the people that has cameras in their car right now; does not use them. I ride with people and they never once use it to reverse the car. We have developed an instinct to just use our mirrors when reversing the car.

Of course, the right people are required to make this type of decision. People that I would address this paper to are, lawmakers, insurance companies, and the automobile manufacturers. As lawmakers, play an important role in deciding the rules that will govern this change, they will decide what goes and what doesn’t. Secondly, is the insurance companies. How much more will it be to fix a car that suffers from a fender bender if it has a backup camera? This effects both parties, the consumer and the insurance company. Third is the automobile manufacturers, how much will this add to the total cost of the car? Right now, if a backup camera is not standard equipment; it can easily run into a couple thousand dollars to have it added. If this law passes, that cost would be out of the consumers control to add it or not.

My major outline with this law is, the cost. Besides it being pointless, the cost is another horrific issue. If someone hits my SUV, they hit a metal bumper. I might get a dent but, that’s all. With a backup camera, you have wires, lens, and infrared lights to break. Which only results in increasing insurance claims for equipment needed repaired. I mean, we have lived without backup cameras for decades, and now lawmakers want them installed on all new cars? Because they saw a small decrease in accidents?

My questions are, how much will this law add to the cost of new cars, and if it is destroyed during an accident. Will the repair cost be at the consumer’s expense? Even though it was not our decision to have it added. Also, if your automobile has the backup camera; will you obtain discounts from the insurance company?

I have been deciding on the research plan, I am considering doing a poll. I could post fliers and websites to address the people, then using the data from the polls. I can develop a question regarding the law but, more in depth. If the poll determines that people are positive for the new law, the question would be concerning are they worried about increased car prices. Then, likewise with the negative response.


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