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Research Proposal





Research Proposal

There has been human violation throughout the world which mostly affects women. Women violence has been witnessed going unpunished whereby it has been clearly depicted on the research conducted. The research has shown that violence against women takes many forms in our society, country and the whole world in general. There has been women organization to fight this violation which has taken place for decades. Violation against women starts within our families through domestic abuse to rape. There is also sexual harassment for both girls and boys. In addition, there has been a cultural practices used to humiliate women starting female genital mutilation and premature marriages. This paper therefore is aimed at exploring all women violation practices and how we can stop this violence (Women, 2009).

Women violence is important area of study because it opens minds of each individual to see how woman are being taken in the society. It is also important to advocate the rights and the importance of women in the society. Girls are important people in our society and there should be equality for both girls and boys. From the research carried from the nearby schools shown that sexual harassment is more in the society and schools than bullying. Education should therefore be used as instrument of change for this action. In addition, the rights of every individual should be respected and actions taken for those violating them. This is an important area of study whereby we are using it to give power to all women to exploit their God given talents and potential to do the best even when they are looked down upon (Russell, 2004).

The government should also be involved by empowering women and girls because they have right to life, education, freedom and also good health. There should be social justice throughout the world whereby women should also be given chance to express themselves. There has been bullying among our middle girls which is accompanied by sexual harassment. The research has shown that there are various impacts of bullying and sexual harassment. For instance, high school girls have been seen to be highly being affected by this more than others. In addition, high school girls experience more unhealthy conditions than the other middle girls. There should be strong support organizations and encouragement for these girls so that they can cope up with the situations. This area should be made clear to all people to see the importance of equality and the dangers of women violence (Farley, 2008).

According to Farley (2008) there are many problems which led to the research to be conducted. Many women are being tortured psychologically, physically and emotionally and call for change to make them feel that they fit in our societies. The research question arises in our schools on which crime is more found in schools than the other. Does sexual harassment and bullying affect the school performance? How can we stop gender differences among our people? In addition, how can we help a family or an individual faced with these challenges? These questions help us to carry out a sequenced study on focusing to answering them effectively. They dominant the whole research and it is possible to continue with the research following these questions in order. They act as a director and give way for more information to be collected (Farley, 2008).

We should fight tirelessly to change the perspective of people against women. We should stop domestic violence by acting as examples in our families. It is our responsibility to help women and children suffering from sexual harassment, gender differences and domestic misuse. The research question has aroused due to the high rate of victims throughout the world which needs our help. There is need for self-respect and preservation of our dignity for better society. If there is unity within the individuals, the society becomes productive and development is easily noticeable. We should contribute our views which help the affected individual to make their lives better (Russell, 2004).

High schools are institutions where many children are made responsible people in our society. It is also an institution which should produce productive individual seen as role model to other people. We should therefore create a conducive environment for our children to get the best out of schools through eradication of gender differences and sexual harassment. Both the teacher and the parent should act as the agents of change to make our society better place to live through impacting the right knowledge to our children. These children will be our future leaders who will fight for equality and the rights of every person. It is of great importance to create good environment for learning and teaching for excellence performance.

From the research we evaluated a hypothesis whereby it was seen that girls were the most victims of sexual harassment and bullying compared to boys. This leads to much absenteeism and affects academic work of both boys and girls in the school. This can aid in physical and emotional injuries to the affected people. This has a connection with criminal justice which is the system or institutions of government to giving direction and providing mitigation plan for crimes. This is therefore a crime because sexual harassment and bullying can lead to many injuries. It should be punished and charges given to culprits so that they can act as examples. The government should take action on any sort of crime and all those who will go against the in order to create responsible citizen (Russell, 2004).

In conclusion, the hypothesis will automatically prove how the educational sector has really been affected by gender differences and sexual harassment. This has really affected academic among our children leading to drop-outs which has also resulted to high crime rate because every individual need basic needs to survive. On the other hand, if the hypothesis was not tested, it would also confirm how boys have also been affected academically. If an individual is affected it affects the whole class and the school at large. In order for development of our schools and our society we need to have gender equality and develop positive attitude towards women and girls. We need to create awareness to all people on how we should mitigate these crimes and action to be taken if violated.


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