Research questions

Research questions





Technology use in educational sector

How does technology use in our education today affect future employment?

Education is the key to success which modernizes every workforce. Education has highly been influenced by rapid innovation in technology whereby many changes have taken place. Technology has come up with new skills and techniques which bring competition in the market whereby we need to equip our learners with adequate knowledge so that they can fit in the job market. This paper shows how technology has changed employment sector and what should be done to cater for the changes (Baroudi & Orlikowski, 2001).

What are the impacts of ICT in schools?

Technology has led to many changes in every sector whereby products and services are delivered on online basis. Technology has many impacts to our education and to labor market whereby there is stiff competition in the market. Unless we prepare our learners for future job market with the new technology they will find themselves lagging behind. We should also put emphasis on building more machines and introducing new methods of teaching and learning so that we can meet the demands. I have had a discussion about emerging issues of technology with my colleagues but it needs more emphasis and creation of awareness for all individuals about the competition (Mintzberg, 2009).

How can technology be used to reach our illiterate youths today?

Youths are the most important people for future generations and who should take over in job opportunities. To reach illiterate people in our society mostly our youths, we should use PowerPoint projectors and computers to make them engaged. We should use videos, journal, and magazines to make them aware of the emerging issues of the advancing world. In addition, we should offer opportunities to youths so that they can make use of the available machines to specialize and occupations which are more equipped with machines to make them exposed.

In conclusion, the researched question above calls for change of education in our schools so that the education provided for our learners today can make them fit in the future jobs. It is a proposal that all the schools to be equipped with modern technology so that every learner can have an access to the technology. Technology helps us to have ability to adapt to variety of problems as they arise and find ways of solving them.


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