Researching Community

Researching Community






Researching Community

Community partnerships and community organizations coexist with each other because they cannot work without each other. They have several connections with one another because they share the same resources. For a community partnership to function well it needs the community organization. The community partnership are those organizations or companies formed in the community for the purposes of making the community better where as community organization represents the people involved in the society together with their beliefs who are there determined to work but still aim for a better community. In order for the community partnership to work, they must get a complete and full support from the community organization.

Red Cross is a community partnership that deals with areas that are experiencing some form of disaster. They usually have an interest in helping out children, the youth and the elderly. They are usually distributed globally. They are interested in giving the children youth or the elderly with clothing. (Briones, Kuch, Liu & Jin, 2012) shares how some areas at a global level lack basic needs like clothing, thus Red Cross through charity work decides to volunteer, allocate people who will be handing out the clothes to various areas. Before this is done an evaluation on the eligibility of donation is done first. Before issuing out the donations.

The Red Cross as a community partner has interacted with the Community organization and has made people be able to donate blood. At the hospitals, many emergency patients who have lost a lot of blood might lack their blood groups. Raising awareness in the community and actually having many people to take the initiative and volunteer to donate blood usually helps. As shared by (Rueede & Kreutzer, 2015), the patients in hospitals who do not have a matching blood group will eventually have their blood groups. The blood that has been donated by the volunteers is usually taken to various hospitals depending on the need of the blood groups.

Red Cross is also involved in providing shelter and food for the needy. The needy in this case can be people who are from a poor background or environment or those that can occur due to disaster causes and have been left as refugees. As stated by (Drolet, Dominelli, Alston & Ersing, 2015), this usually occurs when a nation is undergoing a crisis and people no longer have a place to sleep or eat their food. They usually are given a location of their camp,site where they have their tents set out for them such that they use as a home and thy also strive to provide food that was acquired.

According to (Thornley, Ball & signal, 2015), Red Cross offer scholarships to students who come from the less fortunate or orphaned homes. They usually test out the knowledge of the students and give out scholarships to children who are smart and intelligent and are passionate. They also deal with run away children. They offer guidance and counseling together with therapy and education. Through this the child will open up, be in a good state of mind, body and emotion. The run away child will be in a good state of mind and decide to reunite with their families. Thus Red Cross also takes on that responsibility and marrying her.

According to (Gamboa & Marshak, 2012), Red Cross is responsible for transporting medicine especially when there are outbreaks. Some countries can have national epidemics like Ebola or malaria, thus the Red Cross take on that responsibility and deliver the medicine to the people. When the symptoms are severe the Red Cross provides them with a doctor or doctors, depending on the situation, who will be responsible for the regular check up and improved health of the patients. Their value for human rights usually puts them to an advantage when it comes to working on health care because they look forward at giving their best in medicine.

It gives volunteer work opportunities to students. This program has been up and running for quite sometime. As shared by (Gerston, 2014), the students involved in this program get to participate in service-learning and have the opportunity to apply their skills and perfect them at the same time, acquiring more knowledge that would be helpful. This usually makes the student smarter academically and also in terms of Skills. This platform gives students opportunities to perfect their professional skills and in the process have an experience which would go a long way in their professions. This thus assists the student and makes them more disciplined and make better decisions.


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