Residency 2 Final Assignment Research Plan

  Required Component and Description Student Response Additional notes, questions and/or next steps
A. Research Question If Puerto Rico police officers are not satisfied, what are the reasons for dissatisfaction of police officers with the working environment? What benefits & facilities provided in the working place? What the gap exist and where one should have modify to have satisfied working condition? Is the work environment main factor for growing the attrition rate? Note: need to find more evidence concerning law enforcement****
  Following Seminar 1 write your current research question.    
B. Research Methodology Quantitative Study by using a structure questionnaire _____ 1. Specify the research problem in clear and explicit terms. 2. Review the literature related to the research problem. _____ A. Review substantive/conceptual issues. _____ B. Review technical/methodological issues. _____ C. Enumerate recommendations for improving research offered by those who have conducted previous research. 3. Determine whether the research questions deals with: _____ A. Description _____ B. Relationships or correlation _____ C. Differences
  What methodology would you propose to test your research question and why this is the best one?    
C. Theoretical Foundation and/or Conceptual Framework Herzberg Two Factor Theory, both Hygiene and Motivation factors are linked with each other, as Hygiene factors move personnel from Job dissatisfaction to No Job dissatisfaction, whereas motivation factors move police officers from no job dissatisfaction to job satisfaction. Motivation Theory: Need Theory Reinforcement theory  
  List 1- to 2-potential theoretical foundations and/or conceptual frameworks that may guide your study. State the key concepts of the theory and how they are related. For conceptual framework, describe the particular “lens” this framework offers for your study.    
D. Gaps Determine the relationship between the working environment and Puerto Rico Police Officer job satisfaction What must be DONE*******
  Identify at least 1 potential gap    
E. Assumptions, Limitations, and Delimitations Limitations can be the sample size and that sometimes the answer of the questions can be of subjective analysis and relying on the honesty of the participants. Sufficient to provide evidence
  Identify at least 1 assumption, limitation, and delimitation.    
F. Controlling and Managing Bias Since one part of Data Recollection will be interview. I have to very careful with the interview questions being neutral without leading the participants.  
  Identify one strategy for controlling and managing bias in your research.    
G. Summary of the Literature/Logical Fallacies LITERATURE REVIEWIntroduction of Work motivation theories A Brief Overview of Herzberg Theory also job satisfaction models Working Environment and Job satisfaction: A Conceptual Framework This purpose of the research is to evaluate the connection between working conditions and the Puerto Rico police officers job satisfaction. The hypothesis is going to be build based on the analysis of the relationship between the variables. Logical fallacy of over generalization when it comes to the research taken place is of extreme importance to take a good sample size from the different divisions the Puerto Rico Police Department has not from only one division. Provide an overview of the subject, issue, or theory under consideration.Divide outside works into categories and concepts (in support or against a particular position).Connect the works to what has come before your work and ideas.Provide conclusions about those works that make the greatest contribution to the understanding and development of your subject.
  Attach a brief outline that describes the flow of your intended literature review. Describe one logical fallacy and how you will guard against this in your own writing.    
H. Synthesis of the Literature Herzberg (1959) developed motivational model for job satisfaction and through research he found that the job related factors can be divided into two categories, Hygiene factors and motivation factors. Baah and Amoako (2011) described that the motivational factors (the nature of work, the sense of achievement from their work, the recognition, the responsibility that is granted to them, and opportunities for personal growth and advancement) helps employees to find their worth with respect to value given to them by organization. Also Sell and Cleal (2011) developed a model on job satisfaction by integrating economic variables and work environment variables to study the reaction of employees in hazardous work environment with high monetary benefits and non-hazardous work environment and low monetary benefits. This last one can be a good resource since the Police Department is a hazardous working environment because of the task the personnel have to work on. Baah, K., & Amoako, G. K. (2011). Application of Frederick Herzberg’s Two-Factor Theory in Assessing and Understanding EmployeeMotivation at Work: a Ghanaian Perspective. European Journal of Business and Management, 3(9), 1-8.Herzberg, F. (1959) The Motivation to Work. Jhon Wiley.Sell, L., & Bryan, C. (2011). Job Satisfaction, Work Environment, and Rewards: Motivational Theory Revisitedlabr. LABOUR, 25(1), 1-23.
  Write 1 paragraph that provides a synthesis of at least 3 articles that approach your topic from different perspectives.    
I. Implications for Future Research Implications that I assume can happened and be work on future research are: time can be restricted to add information, accessing data instead of using an organization with several divisions like a Puerto Rico Police Department do one with few divisions to be easier when it comes to data collecting.  
  What implications will your study have on future research?    
J. Contributions to Discipline and to Social Change This research may contribute to social change by encouraging police officers to contribute more to their jobs and may help them in their personal growth and development, resulting in a healthy and positive working environment. Therefore, it is indispensable for the Puerto Rico police department to encourage their personnel to work hard for achieving the Department goals and objectives. Hence, a better way of life to all Puerto Ricans.  
  What contributions will your research make to the discipline and society?Note: Social change implications are expressed in terms of tangible improvements to individuals, communities, organizations, institutions, cultures, or societies.    

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