Restructuring Your Organization

Read the article titled “Ten Best Practices for Restructuring the Organization”. Next, evaluate your current organization, one in which you are interested, or one with which you are familiar. Select three (3) of the ten (10) proposed strategies you believe are most relevant to the organization, and explain why you selected those three (3).

Restructuring is essential in being a successful business with things changing constantly. Improving a company’s efficiency, keeping up with technology and implementing strategic changes are key reasons why a company may consider restructuring.

In my experience with working with an employment agency, our goal was to provide excellent customer service to our employees as well as our clients. The three strategies I chose that are most relevant to the organization are: Keep business process work simple, collect data and use it, and keep the focus on the people.

To ensure that you are providing the best customer service to your clients, keeping business process work simple is important. Having a group of qualified employees that has already completed the hiring process will allow you to fill positions for you clients in a timely fashion. Once you obtain the clients requirements for a position, sending a qualified candidate to the job site promptly will make the client happy. Remember, when you’re clients are happy, your employees are happy, which effects retention. When completing quality calls with your clients as well as your employees, the data collected will reveal if the candidate is a great fit for the company. Keeping the focus on the people will allow you to provide great customer service and make changes if needed. For example, during quality calls, the client or employee will discuss with you their likes/dislikes about the position, allowing the opportunity to make changes if necessary. Happy clients and happy employees, will definitely increase your customer base and customer loyalty.

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