Schedule 1 of the Controlled Substances Act

Schedule 1 of the Controlled Substances Act

This is legislation responsible in keeping drugs with high abuse potential away from the people because the drugs have no medical. In 1972 marijuana was included in the Act which made many people use it wrongly even doctors started prescribing it to the patients. Marijuana was therefore viewed negatively all over the world because of President Nixon. The continued use of marijuana by the patient might affect the body and mind of the users (King et al. 2013). We should not live in 50 years ago when Marijuana was legalized to be used by patients. The law should match scientific knowledge and take action concerning marijuana use as it is already included in Schedule 1 of Controlled Substance Act.

I understand and belief that the government prosecuting those using marijuana in the name of medical reason is wrong. The government instead should put marijuana under control and leave those using it in a controlled manner for medical purposes. In 1971, the president Nixon confirmed war on drugs use. He said that the number one enemy of the state is drug abuse. The president criminalized the use of marijuana whereby laws were passed in order to control drug abuse in the states (Drug Enforcement Administration, Department of Justice, 2014). The transportation sector of these drugs was also under control as the government was able to control what entered in United States. It was a high time for president to understand that when there is demand of drugs the suppliers must find a way of selling them.

In conclusion, it is difficult to eliminate the suppliers from drug trafficking. If we eliminate one route, they will always find another way as long as demand exists in the target market. The president Nixon tried eliminating drug suppliers in Mexico which ended in them finding another method and continued selling the drugs.


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