SCI 256 Community Sustainability Proposal SCI 256

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Community Sustainability Proposal


A summary of green initiatives for a city in your area

Houston Green City projectsBikeways Program: The city is implementing more and more bike paths all along traffic routes in the cityBrownfields: This is where the city has selected brown properties eligeble to special loans from bank in order to be turned into green fields

A summary of green initiatives for a city in your area

Compost Bin/ Rain Barrel: The city is encouraging and training citizens to have Compost Bins, as well as having rain barrels to collect rainwater

Recommendations to HOUSTONGovernment

Limit vehicles to be used in the cityPromote walking, bicycles, and the use of public transportationDevelop green areas around the city in order to allow citizens to walk, sit and relax in the mists of a hectic dayAllow for rivers and steam to flourish and be cleaned from pollutantsUse more renewable energy in all buildings

Recommendations to HOUSTONHome owner

Share a ride to workCommute to work in bicycles and public transportationMake sure you do not contaminate your surrounding or green areasInvest in renewable energy in order to reduce all energy intake from the grid

Results of Recommendations

BY ridesharing you will reduce gas emissions greatlyBy using more public and environmentally friendly transportation you will also reduce greatly the burning of fossil fuelsBy not contaminating your surrounding you will prevent contamination and thus reducing the efforts needed to rehabilitate natural areasBy investing in renewable energy you will save money while at the same time reduce the amount of fossil fuels needed in order to make that energy not used.


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