SCI 256 Environmental Analysis Presentation

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Environmental Analysis PresentationDeforestation

What is Deforestation?

The clearing of trees, transforming a forest into cleared land.The destruction of forests and/or woodlands to make land available for other uses.The destruction of biodiversity

(“Devastating Rate Of Deforestation Up By 28% This Year”)

Benefits from Forest

Clean the airProvide oxygenHelp prevent water pollutionHelp prevent soil erosion

Combat climate changeProvide habitatAllow biodiversityProvide a canopy and habitat for wildlife

The Forest Function

THE EARTH’S LUNGSThe important process of the carbon cycle

(“The Carbon Cycle”)

Effects of Deforestation to the Environment



Efforts to Reduce Deforestation

There’s programs and policies to help reduce deforestation in at least 17 countries across four continents.They have successfully reduce deforestation and restoring some forests while supporting the economic development in 17 countries across Africa, Latin America, South and Southeast Asia.For example, Brazil is home to the world’s largest Tropical forest. The Brazilian government has been enforcing deforestation programs such as the “REDD” Reducing Emissions Deforestation and Degradation.REDD offers financial incentives and provides for developed countries. Also 80% of the Amazonian forest is still standing because of the forest protection programs.

Local, regional, national, and global policies.

Local and Regional Policies

“Local environmental governance” (LEG)There are many local and regional policies that address deforestation. They vary by state, county, region and country.The bulk of policies are made and enforced on the national level.

National and Global Policies

The Forest and Rangeland Renewable Resources Planning Act (RPA)The national system of nature conservation units (SNUC)National Forest Management Act (NFMA)The North American Forest Commission (NAFC)The Weeks Act

How the policies address the issue? (National/Global)

Forests are fundamental for food security and improved livelihoods. The forests of the future will increase the resilience of communities by providing the ability for communities and societies to prosper. Harboring biodiversity; and supporting sustainable agriculture and human wellbeing by stabilizing soils and climate and regulating water flows.Integrated approaches to land use provide a way forward for improving policies and practices. Capitalize on the full range of economic, social and environmental benefits from integrating forests with agriculture; and maintain multiple forest services in the landscape context.Forests are an essential solution to climate change adaptation and mitigation. Sustainably managed forests will increase the resilience of ecosystems and societies and optimize the role of forests and trees in absorbing and storing carbon while also providing other environmental services.

Durban Declaration – 2050 vision for forests and forestry

(“World Forestry Congress sets out vision for future of forests”)

The cutting of primeval forest and other disasters, fueled by the demands of growing human populations, are the overriding threat to biological diversity everywhere.-Edward O. Wilson


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