Science And The Detective Topics Presentation

Science and the Detective Topics Presentation



Forensic characteristics of document examinationCollection and preservation of drugs & toxicology of drugsIdentify the role of pathology, forensic entomologist, forensic toxicologist and forensic anthropologistIdentify the investigative procedure involving computer forensics

Forensic Characteristics of Document Examination

Document examination can be used for:Check fraudMedical malpracticeStalkingKidnappingTitles or deedsWillsHomicides

Forensic Characteristics of Document Examination (cont.)

Machines that are producing documentsHandwritingMaterials used

Collection and Preservation of Drugs & Toxicology of Drugs

CollectionPreservationCommon drug testing

Toxicology of Drugs

Postmortem toxicology testingWhen is this test done?What can be tested?What tests are used?How long will it take?

Identify role of Pathology and Forensic Entomologist

Role of PathologyRole of Forensic Entomologist

Identify the Roles of Forensic Toxicologists and Forensic Anthropologists

Roles of Forensic ToxicologistsRoles of Anthropologists

Identify The Investigative Procedures Involving Computer Forensics

Financial FraudIdentity TheftMurder CasesTerrorismSexual Predators


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