Science lesson plan

Science lesson plan





Subject: Science concepts

Grade: Grade 8

Topic: Data collection concepts

Content: Accuracy and errors in data collection

Goals Students should be able to: 1. Identify different concepts of data collection. 2. Name errors that may occur in data collection.
Objectives After completing this lesson the student should name the concepts and list down the errors correctly.
Materials Science textbook and a sample of researched data.
Introduction Teacher should encourage the student to critically think of some of the concepts used in data collection like focus groups, observation and interviews.The student should name errors in data collection before the teacher introduces the topic.
Development Use of charts from the recorded data of the statistics, use of pictures while the students are observing the models.
Practice Asking questions of the topic learned and the student holding discussion.
Time Subject Tutor Student
11:00-11:05 INTRODUCTIONIntroduce myselfReview of previous lesson Principles in data collection IntroductionSignature
11:05-11:35 -Definition of data collection and other terms-Explanation of data collection strategies and their merit and demerits.-Description of various methods used for data collection-Definition of errors and how they occur when carrying out the research. DemonstrationObservationAssessment ObservationAsking of questions and answersAssessment
11:35-11:40 End Revisiting goals and objectivesEvaluationSummary    

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